Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 11 Review - Rudeus and Ruijerd Reconcile, While Roxy Searches for Rudeus

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 11 follow.

The episode seems to pick up not long after the last episode left off. Roxy is looking on a message board to see if Rudeus or his family are listed amongst the dead. Apparently, the magical disaster that teleported Rudeus, Eris and Ghislaine to the Demon Continent affected more than just those three and was far reaching. As far as I recall, this had not yet been mentioned in the anime.

While Roxy is looking, she coincidentally meets two of Paul’s party members - Elinalise and Talhand.

Rudeus, Eris and Ruijerd doing monster missions to earn money. We hear a voiceover of the message Paul distributed to different lands. They’re directions to Rudeus, Zenith, Lilia and Aisha on how to find each other. Seems the magic disaster took Zenith, Lilia and Aisha from their home. Troubling news.

Rudeus and Ruijerd are still at odds with each other. Ruijerd doesn’t understand or approve of Rudeus’ scheming ways, while Rudeus is leading in the way he feels is necessary to get back home as soon as possible and improve the Superd reputation.

The three take a quest to find a mysterious monster and run into two other adventurer parties doing the same quest. One of them is the Tokurabu Toughs, made of Kurt, Bachiro, and Gabin. We met them in the last ep.

Ruijerd is worried about the Tokurabu Toughs, so the Dead End party tails them. The Tokurabu Toughs run into a snake monster, and Rudeus commands Ruijerd not to intercede until the very last moment, even willing to let the Tokurabu Toughs get hurt. In this way, Rudeus hopes to leverage the situation to Dead End’s gain. But his scheming ways finally catch up to him. The snake monster cuts Gabin’s body in half instantly! He dies.

Ruijerd and Eris are able to save the other two Toughs. With the battle over, Ruijerd gets mad at Rudeus for stopping him. He says Rudy let a child die. But Kurt defends Rudeus, arguing that they’re all adventurers. They knew their lives were at risk.

The toughs leave and Dead End continues the mission. They run into the other adventurer party being slaughtered by the mysterious monster- a redhood cobra. Dead End intervenes and tries to save at least one adventurer. They’re able to kill the monster but are too late to save anyone.

Back in town, Nokopara tries to blackmail Dead End. Already feeling defeated with no way out, Rudeus is ready to kill the horse guy. But Ruijerd steps in and reveals he’s Superd. The terrified Nokopara promises not to give them problems.

Finally, Ruijerd apologizes to Rudeus. He notices Rudeus is doing his best to help all of them. Rudeus apologies too and promises they will all make decisions together from now on.

Last, we see Rudy, Elinalise and Talhand in a party together, beginning the search for Rudeus.

And Ruijerd shaves off all of his hair.

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