Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 3 Review - Rudeus Makes a New Friend Named Sylph

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 Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 3 follow.

The episode picks up right where the previous episode left off. Young Rudeus, five years old, has just said goodbye to his master, Roxy. I appreciate that the episode started by Rudy spending a little time thanking Roxy for all she did. Her care and encouragement set him up at the “starting line” of his new life - he is now brave enough to explore this brand new world on his own, and he wastes no time! Talk about growth!

And during his first time ever wandering alone, he sees a young boy being bullied by three larger boys. This of course hits close to him for Rudeus, who was bullied in his previous life. Besides that, he had just had a conversation with his father who taught him that strength was for protecting the weak.

Rudeus hurls some small water balls at the bullies, and they begrudgingly stop and leave. With just the bullied boy left behind, Rudeus is able to approach him and help him up. That’s when we learn that the boy’s name is Sylph. He’s part elf with green hair. From that moment on, the two become friends. What’s more, Sylph is fascinated by Rudeus’ ability to use magic and asks to be taught. Rudy agrees, allowing for another way the two can bond.

While it’s great that Rudy has made a new friend, his actions did cause some problems for him back at home. One of the bullies ratted him out to his mother, and the two of them complained to Rudeus’ father, Paul. Because Rudeus is so mature for his age (we know why), Paul was actually relieved at the chance to discipline his little boy as a father would. 

But Paul didn’t let Rudeus tell his side of the story, leading Rudeus to win the argument with his father instead of being scolded, as a five year old would. I’m glad a big part of this episode was about developing Rudeus’ relationship with his parents. Before, I was worried they’d be stuck in the background of this anime and we’d never to get to know much about them. Maybe next episode will focus more on Zenith?

Anyways, the story skips six months ahead. Rudeus continues to fight back the bullies, who I’m happy to say don’t even get screen time again. And Sylph has done well in learning magic. At this point, Sylph proves she can even do magic without incantations, like Rudy! The two have really gotten along well, but a rainy day forces the two to go back to Rudy’s home and take a bath. That’s when Rudeus learns that Sylph’s actually a girl!

Rudeus is out of his depth here, even as an adult. And now Paul has the chance to give him fatherly advice, which Rudeus happily takes. Sylph (Sylphiette) and Rudeus mend their friendship, and another touching episode ends.

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