Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 7 Review - Eris' Birthday Celebration

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 7 follow. 

Some time has passed since the previous episode, but that time is definitely less than a year. Rudeus is now 8 years old. And Eris is about to turn 10. In the previous review, I said she was 12 due to some information I saw online. Apologies for the error. But being 10 years old means she’s even closer to Rudeus’ age, which only furthers my argument about Rudeus’ behavior being unacceptable.

The episode starts with a gorgeously fluid training fight between Eris and Ghislaine. Rudeus is nowhere near this good with a sword. Sword fighting is one area where Eris really shines. Eris’ mother, Hilda Greyrat, once again shoots Rudeus a dirty look. And again, it’s not explained why. The prevailing theory I’ve seen from fans is that it has to do with his father Paul being a philanderer and breaking her heart, which I can totally believe.

Because Eris is turning 10, her family of nobles is having a huge celebration that many nobles will attend. Consequently, Eris has to spend more time with one of the maids learning to dance and less time learning from Rudy. That gives him some free time, which he uses to learn other languages, like Beast-God, and Demon-God. Demon-God is just too hard for him to teach himself, however. He reaches out to his old master, Roxy, by letter. Roxy is kind enough to send him a text book she makes herself to help him learn.

One thing I love about Mushoku Tensei is that Rudeus uses his magic to make scale figures of the people he cares about. He does a fantastic job making a Roxy figure, which is absolutely meta because that same figure probably exists or will exist for us anime fans to collect (but in color). Rudy has even sculpted in panties for the Roxy figure, and a removable robe. That’s the very otaku part of Rudeus shining through. It gets even funnier, though. Rudeus sells the figure to a merchant, and it makes its way all the way to the pervy prince that Roxy is tutoring. This kind of gross gag is fine by me.

Eris can’t seem to learn to dance no matter how hard she tries to learn. She wants to give up, but Rudeus has a heart-to-heart with her, explaining why he still keeps trying to learn a language even though he can’t. So she dusts herself off and tries again.

The party comes. A noble boy dances with Eris and she stumbles and falls. The whole party of jerks judges her and it looks like the party will end with Eris crying. But Rudeus steps in and dances with her. He takes a different approach and has Eris apply her fight training to the dance. She dances beautifully, and everyone applauds!

Later, Rudeus almost takes advantage of Eris as she sleeps. But for once, he does not. Growth! Finally!

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