“My Hero Academia” Hollywood live-action movie will be directed by Satou Shinsuke from “BLEACH” and “Kingdom”

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Hollywood live-action version of the manga “My Hero Academia” will be directed by Satou Shinsuke, who is known for “BLEACH” and “Kingdom” live-action movie.

“My Hero Academia” is the hero action, which is currently serialized at “Weekly Shonen Jump” from July 2014. The total sale of the manga around the world has marked over 50 million copies, and the season 5 of TV anime series is currently ongoing on TV and streaming.

The anime movie made a great hit both in Japan and overseas, and ongoing 3rd movie “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE: World Heroes Mission” had 720 thousand guests in 4 days and marked the box-office revenue 940 million JPY. It has established the stable position as the popular content both in and outside Japan.

Hollywood live-action version will be produced by Legendary Pictures in the United States, and the director was decided to be Satou Shinsuke. Director Satou Shinsuke is known for directing live-action movie of “I am a Hero”, “Inuyashiki”, “BLEACH”, and “Kingdom”, and currently directing and writing full script for Netflix original animation called “Alice in Borderland”.

Director Satou Shinsuke will make his debut for full English movie with Hollywood live-action version of “My Hero Academia”. Expectation is soring toward the completion of the movie, and how the “popular” Shonen Jump style manga with “friendship, victory, and hard work” will be depicted in Hollywood.

“My Hero Academia”

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