Nezuko figma Figure Revealed

Anime December 05, 08:41 0
Good Smile Company has opened official pre-orders and revealed a slew of images for the DX Edition Nezuko Kamado figma! 

Only anime fans living under a rock would be unfamiliar with Nezuko-chan. She’s the heroine of the ultra famous anime series, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and the sister of the main character Tanjiro Kamado!

The figma is being produced by Max Factory, and like most figma figures, Nezuko features an incredible level of limb articulation. This is fantastic for fans wishing to reproduce scenes from the action-packed anime. Nezuko is an extremely aggressive and mobile fighter, especially when she’s protecting her brother. But limbs aren’t the only thing Max Factory had to account for when sculpting the demon. Nezuko-chan’s traditional outfit is a long pink kimono covered by a long coat. To reproduce those powerhouse kick and leap poses, the figure has been packaged with interchangeable kimono skirt parts. These parts permit Nezuko’s legs the freedom of movement they need!

The standard figma set comes with two face plates - a normal wide-eyed expression and a fierce demonic one. Those who purchase the DX version will get a third face plate - a blank look with dot eyes. This expression is well-known to fans as the face of Nezuko in more light-hearted, comical scenes of the anime! And each face plate can be displayed with Nezuko’s bamboo mouthpiece on or off.

The DX edition also comes with the box that houses her when Tanjiro carries her on his back. The Tanjiro figma, sold separately, comes with the non-articulated miniature Nezuko that fits snugly in this box! And the box really can be attached to the Tanjiro figma’s back!

While the DX edition includes an Exploding Blood technique hand part, fans who order direct from Good Smile will get another special hand - one that can hold the hand of Nezuko’s beloved nii-chan, Tanjiro! Their sibling bond is for life!

The DX Nezuko figma retails at ¥9,545 before tax and is estimated to be released August 2021.

(image source: Amazon)
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