Nibu Akari of Hinatazaka 46 Decided as the Cast of the Animation Movie “DEEMO”! Special Information Video Reveal

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From the animation movie "DEEMO THE MOVIE," Nibu Akari of the idol group Hinatazaka 46 has been decided as the voice actor of "Masked Lady," a mysterious girl who holds the key to the story. This information was announced during the event stage of 'Anime Japan 2021,' which was held on Mar. 28, online.

The original base of this movie is the famous mobile game "DEEMO," which reached over 28 million downloads globally. The movie adaptation project is produced and led by Pony Canyon and Production I.G group. Furthermore, Kajiura Yuki will be working on the theme song and the image song. She is well known for working with songs and background music for various anime titles including "Fate/Zero" and "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba."

This time, a special stage of "DEEMO THE MOVIE" was held at "Anime Japan 2021." At this stage, Taketatsu Ayana, who is the voice actor of the main character "Alice," and the head director Fujisaku Junichi made an appearance. Taketatsu Ayana was the only announced cast of the movie since this project was revealed.

Also, some of the concept art of the main characters of the movie were revealed during this stage, along with the announcement that the official title of the movie has been decided as "DEEMO Sakura no Oto - Anata no Kanadeta Oto ga, Ima mo Hibiku - (DEEMO: Sakura no Oto - I still hear the sound of your piano)." Moreover, a special information video was revealed for the first time.

Furthermore, the voicing of Nibu Akari of Hinatazaka 46 as the "Masked Lady," a mysterious girl who holds the key to the story, has been announced as well. For Akari, it is her first attempt as a voice actor, which she has been dreaming of.

In the video comment, Akari expressed excitement and made some the following comments, "When I was first offered this [role], I was extremely happy from the bottom of my heart. The Masked Lady who I will be voicing is a mysterious being. However, I am also often told that I am 'mysterious' by my members. That is one commonality that I have with the character." 

Let's stay alert for the further information of the "DEEMO: Sakura no Oto - I still hear the sound of your piano."

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