Noblesse - Episode 10 Recap

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Rael Kertia arrives at Rai’s school and uses mind control to clear the area of humans. The three security guards, being modified, are able to withstand the effect. They confront Rael, but he stabs M-21 in the back with his hand before they can react! Having felt his presence, Regis and Seira come out to meet Rael. Regis also seems to be no match for Rael’s strength and speed. Rael scolds Regis for allowing her to associate with garbage (modified humans) and only stands down after Seira asks him to. He leaves the scene but tells Seira they will meet again.

Back at Franken’s home, everyone talks about what happened that day in school while M-21 heals in a special chamber. Going over Rael’s past, Seira informs them that she was proposed to by Rael. When she rejected Rael, he went on a rampage and had to be stopped by Rajak. Rael was confined for ten years as punishment and only recently released.

Later, Takio and Tao ask Franken how M-21 is doing. Franken says he’s healing rapidly, probably from having his power drawn out by Rai. Concerned with M-21, they both ask if Franken can scientifically increase their strength so that they can protect their friends better. Franken warns them there may be a risk in doing so, but they hold on to their conviction. Franken agrees to help them.

Meanwhile, Regis speaks privately to Seira and says he’ll do what he can to protect her from Rael. Seira calms his worries and says she’s going to bed, but secretly leaves home to confront Rael. Franken notices that she leaves and asks permission from Rai to follow Seira and help. Rai agrees to this and releases the seal on Franken’s power.

Seira and Rael meet on the roof of a building. Rael tells Seira he wants to bring her home, and take her away from the filthy humans. Seira says she has never thought of her friends that way. She cares about them, and because of this, she’ll always reject Rael. Her rejection pisses him off, but just as he is about to get violent, Franken steps in with an attack. He says that he wants to pay back Rael for hurting his school’s staff.

Franken is able to keep up with Rael’s incredible speeds.  Even when Rael releases his Soul Weapon, Grandia, Franken’s unbridled Dark Spear proves more powerful. Regis arrives at the scene to help, and Seira releases her soul weapon as well, vowing to Rael that she will fight him if she needs to. Rael, upset by this, shows off the order papers from their lord that Seira must return back to Lukedonia. Seira, believing she has no choice but to obey, leaves with Rael.

Back at Franken’s home, Regis is worried and upset. But Franken says it’s not a problem, and that they simply need to go to Lukedonia to get Seira back and help Gujetel.

Meanwhile in Lukedonia, Lord Raskreia expects Rai to return.

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