Noblesse - Episode 5 Recap

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Continuing from the last episode, Shark and Hammer surprise the rest of DA-5 and M-21 with their new prisoners - Regis, Manabu, and Yusuke! All three are unconscious. Regis wakes up first, and Shark warns him that if he tries to escape he’ll kill the other high schoolers. Regis thinks this is all M-21’s fault.

Now that Shark has hostages, he attempts to force M-21 to give up the information he was withholding. But M-21 denies any special connection to the high schoolers, trying to protect them. Shark doesn’t buy it. He also theorizes that Regis is connected to the coffin.

Then, Manabu and Yusuke wake up. Shark begins to rough up Yusuke and Takio stops him. Yusuke recognizes Takio from the day before when they had a friendly conversation together. Manabu also notices his aneki, Tao. Both are confused about the situation and the people present, which includes M-21. Hammer leaves to buy more fast food.

M-21 continues to deny any real connection to the boys. Shark says he might as well kill them if they’re useless. Tao asks him to stop, and Takio suggests they simply use drugs to wipe their minds. But Crans rejects the idea, saying they won’t take any chances.

Meanwhile, Seira reveals to Rai and Franken that she has a telepathic connection to Regis. She only loses the connection when he’s dead or unconscious. Because the connection came back, she goes off to save him. Realizing that Yusuke and Manabu are also in danger, Rai and Franken secretly follow.

Seira closes in on Regis’ location and runs into Hammer who has returned to the base with food. Hammer knows Seira is powerful and throws out explosives to slow her down. Crans orders Takio to go and check on Hammer. This leads to a 1-on-1 showdown between Takio and Franken, who seem evenly matched.

Yusuke attempts to fight Shark but is no match for the modified human. Just before Yusuke is killed, M-21 stops him with a claw attack. M-21 feels regret for not being able to find out the info he wanted about his fallen comrades, but he has no other choice. He has to save the boys. M-21 does his best but is seriously pulverized by Shark. Regis breaks his shackles and takes on Shark in his stead.

All of the DA-5 members engaged in individual fights take the drug D to increase their power. Even on D, Shark can’t keep up with Regis. Crans then takes D and becomes incredibly, monstrously stronger. Shark gloats about this but is shocked when Crans stabs him through the stomach! Crans reveals that the DA-5 team are merely storage batteries of power for him to absorb, and he does just that, sucking Shark’s life away to nothing. Crans’ new form makes him even greater than Regis at full force. Both M-21 and Regis are down for the count. All is lost… until Rai walks in the room.

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