Noblesse - Episode 7 Recap

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Yusuke and Manabu walk to school on their first day back since the battle with DA-5. Yusuke complains that he can never get any girls like Rai can. His sentiments are reinforced when he sees Tao, Takio and M-21 being admired by many girls at the school’s gate. And again when girls swoon over the sight of Rai’s arrival. 

M-21, Tao, and Takio walk the school’s halls. Tao and Takio are now security guards for the school like M-21 is. They comment on how school life was a world they never got to know, and M-21 says that’s the reason it’s such a precious place for them. At lunch, Manabu convinces Yusuke to get Rai’s help to be popular with the ladies - namely, Seira.

Then the boys request M-21, Tao and Takio for help. The three of them try to run from such an embarrassing situation, but feel obliged to help when Rai insists. First, Tao tries to find information online, but he ends up finding dating advice that’s decades old and out-of-date. Next, Takio tries to demonstrate how to ask a girl out. But he ends up getting too embarrassed to finish the sentence. 

Yusuke and the rest of the guys escalate his problem up to Franken. Franken brags that he’s had plenty of experience with women but is most likely lying. Finally, they ask Regis for help. Unfortunately, Regis only sees Seira as a comrade and claims he knows and cares nothing about her romantic preferences. This leads to M-21 provoking Regis about his inabilities. Their bickering aside, Regis agrees to help because Rai insists.

Regis suggests that Yusuke write a love letter to Seira. All of the guys give their advice on what to write, but no one gives satisfying input. Frustrated, Yusuke tosses the paper.

Finally, Yusuke attempts his own strategy - he tries to impress Seira with his athletic ability. In the gym, the group creates a basketball game that Seira sees, with the goal of making Yusuke look good. Unfortunately, both teams get caught up in the excitement of the game, especially M-21 and Regis. They use their superhuman abilities, and Takio outshines Yusuke by winning the game. 

After school, Yusuke tells Manabu that his love may just end up being unrequited. Unexpectedly, Seira appears in front of them with the love letter that Yusuke tossed earlier. Rai secretly saved it and shared it with Seira! Seira tells Yusuke that she admires when men are true to themselves, which cheers Yusuke up.

The three of them arrive at Franken’s home for dinner, where the rest of the group tell Yusuke and Manabu that they need to rewrite their minds to forget about their superhuman backgrounds. Yusuke rejects this at first, not wanting to forget the friends that saved their lives. But Regis insists this is necessary for their safety. Finally, the two agree.

Elsewhere, Regis’ and Seira’s shadowy organization agree to send someone to check on them because they stopped reporting in.

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