Noblesse - Episode 8 Recap

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Gejutel Landegre, Regis’ grandfather, arrives at the school. His aura is instantly sensed by Regis, Seira, Rai and Franken. The three guards - M-21, Tao, and Takio -  intercept him at the school’s gate. Gejutel can sense that they are modified humans, something he doesn’t take kindly to. Regis and Seira appear suddenly at the gate as well to receive Gejutel. Gejutel begins scolding Regis for being a noble who is associating with modified humans, but before he can really let loose, Franken arrives to greet him.

At the same time, the clan leaders of Lukedonia have a meeting to discuss the current situation and their next steps. They find Regis’ and Seira’s actions to be traitorous. And the lord who sits on the throne, Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia, considers Rai to be a filthy creature for some reason.

Gejutel, Rai and Franken sit in Franken’s home to deliberate. Rai was suspected to be involved as the one arising from the coffin, but this is the first time that Gejutel has confirmed his return after 800 years. Gejutel informs them that things have changed in Lukedonia. The previous lord and the older nobles had passed away, leaving his daughter Erga in charge as the new lord of several young nobles. She is currently searching for Rai because she blames him for her father’s death, but it’s still not clear why she believes this. Gejutel requests Rai to return to Lukedonia to clear his name, but Rai says that he wants to stay in Japan for a bit longer.

Franken shows Gejutel to a room in his home. Gejutel remarks that he still doesn’t trust Franken and accuses him of killing nobles in the past. This sparks a flashback to hundreds of years ago when both Franken and Rai were living in Lukedonia.

At this time, Franken is seen torturing/experimenting on noble knights in a dungeon. One of the knights calls him the “Noble Hunter.” Meanwhile, Gejutel and Rajak Kertia meet with Erga’s father, the lord at the time, to discuss reports of a human (Franken) with great power killing and kidnapping nobles. The lord orders them to capture the Noble Hunter.

Franken is pursued and cornered by several knights but easily defeats them. Then, Gejutel and Rajak arrive to confront Franken.

Franken tells them that he’s killing nobles as justice for barbarically preying on humans. At first, Rajak enters into battle alone against Franken to uphold their pride as nobles. Rajak unleashes his Soul Weapon, a weapon only Clan Leaders can possess. Franken summons a similar type of weapon. The power he unleashes is too much for his body to control. Realizing how powerful he is, Gejutel also calls forth his Soul Weapon, and he and Rajak attack Franken simultaneously. The clash with Franken produces a cataclysmic explosion.

Franken uses the explosion to escape, but he’s left injured and leaves a bloody trail that can be followed. He hides in a nearby home to recover, which happens to be Rai’s!

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