Noblesse - Episode 9 Recap

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The flashback to the time that Franken first meets Rai continues in this episode. This is hundreds of years ago, when Franken was still mortal.

Franken, wounded from his battle with Gejutel and Rajak, searches for shelter and happens to find it at Rai’s mansion. When he meets Rai for the first time, he tries to lie, saying he’s a servant. Rai says that’s not possible because he lives alone. Gejutel and Rajak arrive to apprehend Franken, but Rai says Franken is now under his protection.

The time skips to 5 years later. In all that time, Rai did not leave his mansion, and Franken has served as Rai’s butler. Rajak is training Franken to control his power.

Per the lord’s request, Franken finally meets with the lord. The two speak about Rai, and the lord suggests that Franken form a blood pact. Franken would live much longer if he did this. But doing so isn’t an easy decision for Franken to make, because he has his pride as a human. The meeting ends with the lord entrusting Franken to take care of Rai.

Later, a group of nobles complain about letting Franken live. They hate him for being a human that killed nobles in the past. The lord denies their pleas, saying that Franken makes Rai happy. This upsets one of the nobles, Urokai, who looks down on humans and is also jealous that one gets to be so close to Rai.

Time passes, and eventually Franken visits the lord’s castle again. Franken asks Gejutel to spar with him, but Urokai steps in instead. He jumps at a chance to kill Franken.

The two battle, with Urokai being more powerful at first. But Franken loses control and is taken over by his power. Gejutel and Rajak step in to protect Urokai from Franken’s rage, but it is Rai and the lord who appear out of thin air that stops the battle! Rai’s strength alone is enough to stop Franken’s full beast mode and snap him out of it.

Soon after, Franken agrees to the blood pact, vowing to stay by Rai’s side forever as his servant.

Back in the present, Gejutel observes how much happier Rai is in his new life, surrounded by friends. He permits Regis and Seira to stay and enjoy their youth while they have a chance.

Gejutel returns to Lukedonia to report to the current lord, who is displeased with Gejutel’s results. The lord then permits Rael, Rajak’s younger brother, to hunt and apprehend Seira.

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