Ogura Yui in “Wedding Dressing” is too dazzling! The cover & novelty for the latest photo book “Yui-can!” have been announced

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The latest photo book of the voice actor Ogura Yui, known for her role as Kagayaki Homare (Cure Étoile) from "HUG! Pretty Cure", will be released on December 25, 2020. The cover and design of the purchase novelty have been announced.

"Yui-can!" is a photo book that is filled with the unreleased shoots from the serialization of "Yui can do it!" on the magazine "Seiyuu Grandprix" from June 2019 issue to January 2021 issue.

You will be able to look back at the various challenges, such as latte art, airsoft shooting, stimulation golf, horse riding, etc., that were done in this serialization.

Furthermore, in the photoshooting section, the photography in the wedding dress was conducted, and the photo of her bride-experience moment was chosen as the cover of the photo book.

There was even a photoshoot of her visiting the dog cafe with her beloved dogs, Chiffon and Lupin. Following the serialization. This photobook also contains her trying out various new experiences and challenges, so please check it out.

Ogura Yui photo book "Yui-can!" is priced at 3,000 JPY (tax excluded), and the release date is on December 25, 2020.

The pre-orders for the special edition with the bromide or another photo book are available at "Shufunotomo Infos" and by pre-ordering on the said website, you will give an application for the online talk show of the sales commemoration on December 26.

*A part of the sales will be given to Anime! Anime! if the purchase is made with the above link.

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