Original Anime “Dinosaur Biyori” Starts in April! A Laid-Back, Surreal “Apartment Life” of Dinosaurs

Anime January 15, 11:05 0
An anime that depicts 3 dinosaurs living in the modern age, "Dinosaur Biyori", has been decided to be produced. Fanworks, Aniplex, and Sony Creative Products team up for this work, and the broadcast is scheduled to start in April 2021.

"Dinosaur Biyori" is an original animation in which 3 dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Stenonychosaurus, live together in an apartment in the modern age.

The staff includes director Nonaka Masashi, who has worked on many anime with cute characters like "Japan-da" and "Daifuku-kun", scriptwriter Hosokawa Tooru, who worked on "Ooya-san to Boku" and "Late Night! Genius Bakabon", and illustrator USGMEN, who is popular online.

An official Twitter and Instagram account have been created, and original USGMEN illustrations and the "laid-back, surreal life" of the dinosaurs are posted.

■Anime "Dinosaur Biyori" starts in April 2021

3 dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Stenonychosaurus, with completely different personalities, live together in the apartment, "Dina-sou".

They work part-time jobs, go to the public bath, and enjoy sweets. Sometimes they fight, but their fun lives go on...

When suddenly, a meteorite is forecast!

You can't help yourself from taking a peek! The laid-back, surreal apartment life of the modern age dinosaurs begins!

(C) Dina-sou Management Association
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