Platinum End - Episode 7 Review - Mirai's First Battle with Metropoliman

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Platinum End - Episode 6, yay! Girl A/Misurin was killed off by a remote explosion set by Metropoliman on top of the Grand Tower, just like I hoped she would be. She was bait to kill god candidates who wanted to stop her. And even more yay - Nanato, who was caught in the blast, survives as I expected. As he falls from the tower, Mirai catches him. Nanato’s blast suit helped protect him.

But can’t celebrate just yet. Because Mirai revealed himself to Metropoliman. Metropoliman comes out to confront Nanato and Mirai. Then a pointless conversation happens where Mirai asks Metropoliman why he has no problem killing people. He asks Metropoliman if he’s ever lost a loved one. Metropoliman doesn’t go into too much detail, but reveals that yes, he has. And it makes no difference to him. He’ll do whatever it takes to become god.

Nanato wonders why Metropoliman is willing to reveal himself when it’s 2-on-1. Does Metropoliman have a plan? A trick up his sleeve? He sure does! He reveals that he has another remote bomb set somewhere in the area.

Metropoliman was ready for god candidates who wanted to save lives. Basically holding people hostage, Metropoliman says he’ll blow up the unknown location if Nanato and Mirai don’t give up their lives.

Just before this, Nanato pulled his own bluff. He made it look like he is the one with the White Arrow. That way, Metropoliman will focus his attention and attacks on him instead of Mirai.

Nanato negotiates and tells Metropoliman that he can have his life, if he spares Mirai. In reality, Nanato wants to use the time Metropoliman attacks him for Mirai to swoop in and hit Metropoliman with a Red Arrow. A risky move.

Metropoliman fires off his White Arrow which almost hits Nanato. But Mirai is able to fire off his Red Arrow and hit the White Arrow, deflecting it so that it doesn’t strike Nanato.

From here, we learn that Arrows of any color can be used as swords, shields, and super high speed projectiles that can be controlled like seeker missiles. The Arrow always returns to the owner when summoned.

For the first time, we see some super speed hand-to-hand battle. It’s been Metropoliman and Mirai in the air with the use of their wings. Mirai is crying and yelling like crazy, doing everything in his power to make sure Metropoliman doesn’t detonate the bomb. It’s an even match, physically. Amazing for Mirai, who has never even been in a fist fight before!

While Metropoliman is busy with the fight, Nanato sneaks up behind him and unloads from his dual hand-guns right into Metropoliman’s back. He orders Mirai to use this chance to fire a Red Arrow, but again, Mirai hesitates because he’s weak. He sees Metropoliman’s real face through his broken helmet. He just can’t bear to shoot an Arrow. Even a Red Arrow? I don’t know why, he’s stupid.

Metropoliman uses the split second to run away.

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