Platinum End - Episodes 1 Through 3 Review - Mirai Must Survive in a Contest to Become God

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

In episode 1, we meet Mirai Kakehashi, a boy who just graduated middle school. Depressed with his life. He’s about to jump off a building and kill himself when an angel appears and catches him. It’s his angel, named Nasse.

Mirai learning that angels really exist is a shocker, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Mirai has lived a life abused by his adoptive parents - his dad’s sister and her husband. His own family died in a car explosion accident when he was a young child.

At first, Mirai doesn’t believe he can be happy or free as Nasse says. Then she gives him wings (which can’t be seen by non-God candidates) through an Angel Necklace, and Arrows from an armband. Flying free the first time is a beautiful experience but Mirai still doesn’t think life is worth living. And arrows that he shoot make people fall in love with him, allowing him to control them.

He uses the Arrow on his aunt to confirm that she and his uncle actually killed his family so that they could get the insurance money. The shock is too much for Mirai, and without thinking he accidentally makes his aunt kill herself - that’s arrow control. Then he uses the red arrow to make his uncle turn himself in.

Mirai has amazing powers now, but he doesn’t want to use them to rule. He wants a regular happiness. Still, that’ll be hard, now that he’s one of 13 candidates that will be the next God. 

In Episode 2, we learn about another God candidate. He put on a hero suit and called himself Metropoliman. Metropoliman was able to hunt down and kill some comedian named Tonma who was a God candidate. He used a white arrow to kill Tonma instantly.

Later, Mirai stumbles onto the scene of a bank robbery hostage situation. Metropoliman arrives and uses his power to kill the bad guys and look heroic. Metropoliman also uses the news cameras watching to ask the 11 remaining candidates to come after him.

Mirai now realizes that Metropoliman and other candidates will come to kill him, as only one person can become God. He decides he will struggle to live and find happiness.

In Episode 3, Mirai attends high school for the first time. Right as he arrives, he sees another angel. Since Mirai reacts to the sight of it, the angel knows Mirai is a God candidate.

This new angel happens to belong to the girl he loves, Saki. And as soon as he learns this, she shoots him with a red arrow. Mirai is under her control, and he answers any questions she asks. So the angel, Revel, is able to learn info about Mirai and his angel.

Eventually, the two angels, Saki and Mirai decide to work together to stay alive. They go after Metropoliman who set a trap at a baseball stadium for God candidates. Suddenly, Metropoliman is attacked by other masked heroes!

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