“Pokémon” Sobble’s Final Evolution “Inteleon” Debuts in the Anime! The Trainer will be Played by Fukuchi Momoko

Anime February 12, 10:58 0
Galar starter Sobble's final evolution, Inteleon, will debut in the currently running "Pokémon" anime. And the actress Fukuchi Momoko, who is also the ambassador of this series, will be playing the trainer.

Inteleon will be appearing in "Messon in Possible" (Messon is the Japanese name for Sobble).

Ash and Goh head to the shooting of the popular spy movie. There they meet Inteleon, the partner Pokémon of the main female spy in the movie. Goh's Sobble is fascinated by Inteleon's various moves and majestic appearance.

Sobble practices his moves as if it evolved into its final evolution, Inteleon, but has trouble breaking through his timidness. But when a Pokémon gets kidnapped, Sobble musters up his courage to help!

A comment from Fukuchi Momoko, who plays Intelleon's trainer, the actress Jacqueline, has arrived.

Intelleon will be appearing in the "Pokémon" on February 5, 2021. Check out the broadcast for yourself to see if its unique move "Snipe Shot" will be in the show or not.

Comment from Fukuchi Momoko as Jacqueline

I will be making a guest appearance as a voice actor in the "Pokémon" TV anime series.

I did my best to play the character Jacqueline and was able to see the scenes behind anime production, making me realize again, how fascinating Pokémon is.

It is an honor to work among the staff members who have created the "Pokémon" universe over its long history and to be able to help in some small way as the ambassador of the series.

Please enjoy the impressive scenes!

May this Friday be another fabulous night for you all!

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