Pokémon Unite Set to Release This Month

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A brand new Pokémon video game called Pokémon Unite is coming out some time in July  2021. That’s this month!

The game was first announced almost exactly a year ago on June 24, 2020,  during a Pokémon Presents digital event. Unlike any other Pokémon game before it, this game will be MOBA style. For those of you who don’t know, MOBA stands for  “multiplayer online battle arena.” Two of the most famous examples are League of Legends and DOTA 2. In Pokémon Unite, up to five players will make up a team. Their goal, and the goal of the opposing team, will be to take over control points on a map and catch Pokémon. The team with the higher score at the end of the match wins.

Check out the reveal trailer below!

The game is being developed as a collaborative work between the Pokémon Company and Chinese company Tencent. The game will be free-to-start with available purchases like cosmetics for your Pokémon.

A beta was released for the game in Canada in March 2021, and gamers’ opinions about the game have been pretty favorable. In the game, you select a Pokémon to play as. Each Pokémon has its own unique abilities. Some Pokémon like Charmander can level up to Charizard during a match. You battle Pokémon on the map to catch them and increase your points. You also battle Pokémon players on the opposing team. Many Pokémon have been revealed as being included in Pokémon Unite through the trailers and the beta, but so far not all are confirmed to be present in the game. Another thing to note is that Pokémon types will not play a factor in the effectiveness of attacks on enemies.

The game is launching on Nintendo Switch in July 2021 and a little bit later on mobile in September 2021. It’s pretty odd that we’re already in the month of July and an official Switch launch date has not been revealed.

Image source: Game Press Assets
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