PUI PUI MOLCAR’s First Episode Will be Transformed Into a Picture Book

Anime February 25, 10:43 0
Currently being broadcast on TV, the anime "PUI PUI MOLCAR" will be release as a picture book around 2021 mid-Apr. throughout bookstores in Japan.

"PUI PUI MOLCAR" is the highly anticipated anime created by stop motion animator Misato Tomoki, who's taking the role of director for the first time.

The picture book is an adaptation of the series' first episode "Who's to blame for the traffic congestion?". With it you'll be able to enjoy the world of "PUI PUI MOLCAR" anytime, anywhere.

"PUI PUI MOLCAR" story book will be available from mid-Apr. throughout bookstores in Japan as well as online stores. Further details regarding pricing and the official book name will be revealed soon. Character books are also being planned.

(c)Misato Tomoki JGH - Shin-ei Animation/MOLCARS

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