Re:Zero - Episode 44 Review - Emilia Stands Up to Pandora

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This is a review of Ep 44 of Re:Zero aka Ep 19 of Season 2. Warning: This review contains spoilers for the series up to and including episode 44!

This is it. The trial finally reveals the moment that is the source of Emilia’s most painful trauma and why Emilia was living in the frozen Elior Forest in Re:Zero - Frozen Bonds

Picking up where the previous episode left off, Emilia is confronted by Pandora at the mysterious Seal. Again, Pandora speaking in a kind, soft voice is creepy to my ears. She attempts to convince Emilia to open the Seal with a key.

Moments ago, Emilia just witnessed Mother Fortuna kill Pandora, or at least it looked like that. Now this evil woman was trying to strike a bargain with her - “Open the seal, and the people you love will not be harmed.” 

Although Emilia didn’t know anything about a key to the seal, it seems she had it all along. She could see it and manifest it because she’s the witch’s daughter, apparently, according to Pandora. Which witch, though? There’s so many witches in this series.

Emilia almost uses the key to open the Seal. But she stops herself because of the sacred principle taught to her by Mother Fortuna. She has made a promise. And promises shouldn’t be broken.

Mother Fortuna finally arrives at the Seal as well. She eviscerates Pandora to stop her from harassing Emilia any further. Pandora returns to life again and again, looking unharmed and unbothered.

Geuse then enters the scene with a  ferocious surprise attack. But the worst possible thing happens. Pandora uses her ability to create illusion. She makes Fortuna appear as Pandora and Emilia look like Fortuna. With Unseen Hands, Geuse deals a killing blow to Fortuna, not Pandora as he intended. 

When he realizes what he’s done, that he’s killed the woman he loves, it’s the last straw. After a few whispers from the despicable Pandora, he has lost his mind. I never imagined we’d get to see Petelgeuse’s origin and how he descended into evil. But here it is. Such a pitiable story.

After this, Emilia is able to hear Fortuna’s last words before she dies. Emilia, in her rage, awakens the same ice crystal magic technique as her mother. She uses it to kill Pandora over and over again. Unexpectedly, she also freezes the entire forest, its people and herself with it. Before she freezes over, Pandora messes with her mind. That’s how Emilia lost her memories. 

After facing and accepting her past, Emilia clears this trial. But Echidna says there are two more trials to go.

Back outside, Subaru, Otto, and Garfiel go to see Roswaal. The three of them together are proof that Roswaal is losing this bet with Subaru. Otto is outside the realm of Roswaal’s knowledge of the future, which means it’s not set in stone. Can’t wait to see how Subaru beats Roswaal!

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