Re:Zero - Episode 46 Review - Ram vs. Roswaal, Garfiel's and Frederica's Reunion

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Re:Zero Episode 46 (Season 2 Ep 21) follow.

The episode picks up right where the previous episode left off, although the order is a little flippy-floppy. Last week, we witnessed Subaru advising Roswaal to surrender. Roswaal did not. This grinded Subaru’s gears, but he wasn’t about to be discouraged. We learn that Garfiel is born from a human mother and a mixed-blood father, making him like Frederica. He’s able to get past the barrier. This is a huge deal for Subaru, who we’ve seen lose physically against the mansion’s assassins in a previous loop. Now Subaru has some serious muscle on his side! Yay for friends!

Subaru, Otto, Garfiel and Patrasche leave Sanctuary for the mansion. Then we catch up the ending of the previous episode, where Ram welcomes Emilia back after her return from the Graveyard. 

Ram and Emilia have a heart-to-heart, where Ram confesses she didn’t think Emilia was strong enough before. But she sees it in her eyes now. She’s grown. Which is why Ram places her faith in Emilia and asks for her help to save Roswaal. Ram truly cares about Roswaal and has known all this time that he’s been deluded and crazy because of his obsession with Echidna. Emilia promises to repay Ram’s faith in her by winning as she has requested.

Roswaal shows up out of nowhere, and Ram is so afraid hat her hand shivers in Emilia’s. But Emilia calms her, and powers up her magic to keep Roswaal at bay. The charade is over, Emilia proves to Roswaal that she knows he’s not a stand-up guy.

Roswaal tries to chip away at Emilia’s confidence. He again says he and Subaru are one and the same, forcing their ideals on the women they love. Emilia claps back that Subaru isn’t forcing an ideal image for her to live up to, he’s simply supporting her. Roswaal doesn’t like hearing this. He chalks up all her confidence to move forward as meaningless, as “the world will end.” Cheating bastard.

While Emilia goes back for the 2nd trial, Ram confronts Roswaal at the Ryuzu Meyer core. We learn that this is how he was able to cover Sanctuary in a blizzard of snow in a previous loop. He uses the power of the core to do so, which of course permits the Great Rabbit to come in and kill everyone. That’s how the world will end again.

Ram won’t let that happen. She alone isn’t powerful enough to stop Roswaal. Good thing Subaru entrusted her with Puck!

Meanwhile, we see adorable Petra in the mansion afraid for her life when meeting Elsa. Frederica is there to protect her, but what about Rem? More help is needed, and comes in the nick of time with Garfiel’s arrival! He’s wearing powerful shields as gauntlets. Subaru also appears to calm Petra’s fears and reunite with Beatrice! Great timing, guys!

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