Re:Zero - Episode 49 Review - Beatrice Cries, Emilia Protects Sanctuary

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Re:Zero Episode 49 (Season 2 Ep 24) follow.

This episode picks up where the previous episode left off. You probably need a plumber to fix the non-stop waterworks coming from your eyeballs. First we see Emilia facing the blizzard in Sanctuary. We learn that this moment happens after the end of the fight we see between Roswaal, Ram and Puck

The reason there’s a blizzard is because Roswaal cast the magic to make it happen before he even went to the Ryuzu core, as his Tome of Wisdom instructed him. Emilia meets up with the villagers who have been protected by Puck’s ice structure and has them go inside the graveyard.

Emilia then goes to the Ryuzu core to see all the cute little Ryuzu’s gathered. It seems Ryuzu Shima is sacrificing herself to protect the core from being destroyed (maybe), and one of the other Ryuzu wants to stop her but is unable to. We hear Echidna for a brief moment in Ryuzu Shima. Ryuzu Shima then gives Emilia the crystal that holds Puck. After a heartfelt goodbye, Shima and the core then disappear.

The Ryuzu's lead Emilia to Roswaal and Ram. Roswaal cradles a weakened Ram. Thankfully, she isn’t dead after being struck by Roswaal in his anger over the moment she destroyed the Tome. He’s filled with despair because he’s lost the challenge, and he regrets what he did to Ram. Emilia yells at him to snap out of it and not to give up. The Ryuzu’s take Ram and Roswaal as Emilia uses her powers to fight off the Great Rabbit.

Back at the mansion, almost everything has now burst into flames. Otto, Rem and Petra escape safely. Garfiel and Frederica do too, with Meili subdued. But Subaru refuses to give up on finding Beatrice. He finally opens a door to find her and she pushes him out again through a void. But he doesn’t let that stop him. He comes back.

We learn the rest of Beatrice’s origin. In a flashback, we see her mother Echidna (I still don’t get why we don’t see her eyes) instructing her to build the library that holds Echidna’s knowledge. And to wait for “that person” to come and replace her so that she may leave it. Poor girl has been lonely and sad in that room for 400 years, with only the Roswaal’s visiting sometimes. But not talking much to her.

Finally, Subaru asks her to save and help him, instead of saying that it’s the other way around. He asks to stay and help him for life. She rejects him over and over, saying he will die quickly and leave her because he’s only human. But he promises to make memories with her that will last forever. The conversation actually sounds very romantic, maybe some shippers were serviced. Beatrice finally accepts and takes his hand. The two then fly to Sanctuary at light speed to help Emilia.

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