Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World - Episode 39 "Straight Bet" Review

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This is a review of Ep 39 of Re:Zero aka Ep 14 of Season 2. Warning: This review contains spoilers for the episode as well as any episodes that came before it!

Re:Zero is back after 3 long months, and it picks up at the exact moment the first half left off. Subaru is losing his mind trying to figure out how to solve his problems, and Otto gives him a good ass-whooping to snap him out of it! We have to remember that Otto actually hasn’t known Subaru all that long with time having looped over and over again, yet he’s able to analyze Subaru’s refusal to rely on his friends to a T. He basically yells at Subaru to rely on him, his true friend!

I find Otto’s significant role this season to be a bit strange. It’s not bad, it’s just that I remember him playing a small part in the first season of the anime. I saw him as comic relief mostly, and didn’t expect he’d end up having so much dramatic screen time now. Especially when there were already many other characters I enjoyed interacting with Subaru instead. Otto’s and Subaru’s budding friendship feels like a kind of bishounen fan service. While I’m not into BL myself, if I had to choose, I’d ship Subaru with the likes of Reinhard or Julius. But to each their own.

Otto’s butt-kicking motivates Subaru to make his next big move - a bet with Roswaal! This throws Roswaal off a bit, and you love to see an antagonist surprised. It’s like a flag that the tide of battle is turning in favor of our hero! Roswaal sees no harm in this and accepts the challenge. I of course hope he eats crow soon.

Subaru later consults with Ryuzu. Ryuzu Arma, specifically. I’m happy that any Ryuzu gets screen time! She’s voiced by Aima Tanaka, and I love the way she talks. Ryuzu Arma reveals that Ryuzu Shima veered from the path of the others. She’s the outlier who may be the key to overcoming Garfiel, one of the obstacles in Subaru’s way.

Last but not least, we’re treated to a 1-on-1 scene between Emilia-tan and Subaru. Subaru consoles her after having trouble with the trial, and we get some nice head-patting action! Ooh la la! Emilia starts to let Subaru know about her tragic past. As she finally gets some sleep, Puck comes out her crystal to chat with Subaru. 

It’s great to see Puck after being mostly absent in the first half of the season, but sad to see him go. He breaks his contract with Emilia and leaves her side for her own good, but I’m predicting we’ll be seeing him again. He’s too cute to leave the show forever!

In the end of the episode, we find Emilia who has disappeared from the village and see Subaru a bit roughed up. How did that happen? We’ll learn next episode for sure!

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