“Redo of Healer” Leonard Takes the Villagers Hostage! Keyaruga Burns With Anger Towards Their “Sin”! Episode 6 Sneak Peak

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From the TV Anime "Redo of Healer", the outline and scenes from Episode 6 "Kaifukujutsushi wa Chi to Namida wo Nagasu!" (The Healer Shed Blood and Tears!), broadcast on Thursday, February 18, 2021, have been released in advance.

"Redo of Healer" is based on the light novel written by Tsukiyo Rui, drawn by Shiokonbu, and published by Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko. The series has over a million copies in circulation.

Healers can not fight on their own. Being so helpless, Keyaru has been used and exploited by heroes and magicians. However, one day, he finds what lies beyond mastering "healing" and decides to recreate the whole world to redo his life from 4 years ago. This is a shocking revenge fantasy in which the "Healing" hero Keyaru uses his powerful spell "Heal" to get revenge on all those who messed with his life.

Episode 6 is titled "Kaifukujutsushi wa Chi to Namida wo Nagasu!"

One morning, the army of Jioral Kingdom arrives at Lanaritta with the villagers of Keyaruga's hometown, Alban Village.

They were taken hostage by Leonard, the captain of the guards who is determined to take revenge on Keyaru.

Keyaruga disguises himself as a soldier to gather information on the Kingdom's army. He finds out about Leonard's "sin" and burns with anger...

TV Anime "Redo of Healer" Episode 6 "Kaifukujutsushi wa Chi to Namida wo Nagasu!" is broadcast on Tokyo MX and other channels from Thursday, February 18, 2021.

(C) 2021 Tsukiyo Rui, Shiokonbu / Kadokawa / Redo of Healer Production Committee

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