Rust-Eater Bisco - Episode 12 Review - Bisco's and Milo's Final Fight with Kurokawa

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Rust-Eater Bisco - Episode 11, Bisco has resurrected somehow! First his whole body is glowing red, then it’s just the arm he lost first. Pawoo and Jabi realize Bisco is back, too.

Tetsujin/Kurokawa goes back on the attack, but misses Bisco and Milo. Bisco hits him with an arrow, and it’s super effective because he produces Rust Eater in complete form.

Jabi thinks Bisco is back as a god.

Bisco’s second shop is enough to cut Tetsujin’s body clean in half!

Bisco and Milo ride Actagawa and go to finish off Tetsujin. Jabi passes his bow to Bisco.

Chiroru arrives in her truck and warns Bisco and Milo not to shoot the inflated Tetsujin with an arrow, as it will self-destruct and create an explosion like the one that destroyed Tokyo.

Tetsujin tries to hit them with a rust poison blast, but Bisco’s Rust Eater mushrooms provide a shield that protects them. Then Chiroru learns that they have to kill the pilot in the Tetsujin’s head to stop the self-destruct. That means they have to get rid of the iron mask protecting the head. So Pawoo offers to split the mask open. Her pole technique is precise.

Everyone’s concerned and doesn’t want Pawoo to get killed. So Bisco offers to give her anything she wants if she comes back alive. She boldly claims her prize in advance and kisses Akaboshi with tongue! This is honestly one of the best and most surprising parts of the series.

Milo thanks Chiroru, and she takes off all tsundere-like.

Pawoo splits the mask as promised, revealing the body of Kurokawa sticking out the forehead of Tetsujin.

Bisco is about to take the kill-shot, but Kurokawa throws some red gunk into Bisco’s eyes, blinding him. That’s no problem, though. Milo acts as his pair of eyes and helps Bisco aim in another scene filled with boy love innuendo.

The shot blows through Tetsujin and finally kills that scumbag Kurokawa. For real this time.

The shot created so much Rust Eater that it cured Pawoo of Rust. Or maybe it was the kiss? Probably the kiss. Meanwhile, Bisco and Milo lie down together (boy love) enjoying their victory.

Chiroru is driving, probably to her town, with tons of Rust Eater to sell and get rich. Milo cures everyone who has Rust in Imihama at a new Panda Clinic. The Calvero kids get their parents back because they no longer have to work for Kurokawa. And Pawoo becomes the new governor of Imihama.

Bisco and Milo wear disguises to sneak by the two Gunma gate guards from the beginning of the series. Now both Bisco and Milo are on wanted posters for going against the government.

Seems the guards actually believe Bisco is a good guy now, and have even been taking care of the mushroom Bisco left behind. 

Then Bisco and Milo get away on Actagawa after they’re through the gate. Bisco and Milo are now  on a journey to cure his godhood. The End

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