Rust-Eater Bisco - Episode 2 Review - Pawoo Attacks Bisco

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Rust-Eater Bisco - Episode 1, we get an even crazier episode. Again, the ep is told by jumping back and forth through different times of the story, so I’m going to review it in chronological order instead.

The guards at Gunma gate are questioning Bisco because he’s masked and seems suspicious. He reveals himself and shoots one of his arrows to destroy the gate’s base. With mushroom explosions. An old man named Jabi and the giant crab Actagawa also reveal themselves from under the tarp.

Bisco is able to drive the crab. And they’re chased by hippos with machine guns on their backs! Bisco takes them down with mushrooms. But he also throws one hippo for a mile with his own strength, so it’s safe to say he’s super strong.

Bisco and Jabi camp out in the desert. Jabi tries to speak about the day he’ll die, but Bisco is quick-tempered and doesn’t want to talk about that. Then Chiroru surprise attacks in an Escargot. Jabi saves Bisco but gets injured. And Bisco downs Chiroru’s giant Escargot jet.

Back in the present at the Pandac Clinic, Bisco has just spoken to Milo for the first time. He gives Milo a mushroom and says it’s better for making medicine than the mushrooms he currently has. Milo doesn’t know if he should trust him yet. But Milo knows the old man needs to be operated on because he’s been hit by an Escargot shot, and won’t back down from Bisco if it means saving the man’s life.

But Kurokawa’s bunny masks have tracked down Bisco. And they start firing at the Panda Clinic, even with Milo used as a hostage. So Bisco has no choice but to blast the clinic to destruction with mushrooms and escape with Milo and  Jabi. They’re able to hide in a sewer where Milo treats both Jabi and Bisco for their wounds. 

Pawoo uses her motorcycle to join up with the Imihama Watch. They think Bisco is headed for Governor Kurokawa’s office. The Watch sent many men to protect Kurokawa, but those men were then sent away by Kurokawa. He’s hiding something bad, which is why he wants Bisco killed without the Watch’s interference.

Kurokawa has his talk with Chiroru. Chiroru explains Bisco is too tough to kill, even though that’s what he paid her to do. He makes her go try to kill Bisco with a detail of men. At this point, Bisco has gone topside to distract the bunny masks from finding Jabi and Milo. So these bunnies fight Bisco and fail, and we don’t even get to see the action happen. Maybe we’ll see it in the next ep.

Bisco apprehends Chiroru, who’s a slimy little liar who begs for her life. But then Pawoo comes and attacks Bisco. The two badasses seem pretty evenly matched!

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