Rust-Eater Bisco - Episode 4 Review - Milo Has Trouble with Actagawa

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Continuing from Rust-Eater Bisco - Episode 3, Bisco and Milo are starting their journey together. It’s not long before Milo runs out of gas from the walk. Milo worries that they’re going in the wrong direction. Bisco could have just explained, but instead yells at Milo for doubting his sense of direction.

Bisco seems pretty rude to Milo at first, but it’s for Milo’s own good. Milo has no idea about this outside world. Tough love. He even makes Milo eat gross lizards. Only way to get energy back.

Milo mentions that Jabi only has a month to live, and they’ll never make their journey in that time on foot. Bisco mentions his plan to go through the Bonecoal mountains. Milo is panicked by this idea because Iron Mice there kill humans easily.

Finally, FINALLY, Bisco links up with the third party member and introduces him to Milo. It’s our lovable giant crab, Actagawa! To answer his questions, Actagawa will make their trip way faster and protect them from the Iron Mice. Actagawa laid low in the other direction from where they were headed, that’s why they were going the “wrong” way.

Milo says hello to Actagawa, but Actagawa quickly picks him up with is claw and flings him off his back! Milo apologizes to Actagawa and tries to properly introduce himself and his intentions again. He says this really kindly. You think Actagawa will accept him now, but the gag strikes again and Actagawa again throws him off! 

Then Milo tries training to control Actagawa’s reins. And he sucks at it. Bisco laughs about Milo getting beat up.

The next day, while practicing to ride the crab, Milo runs into Chiroru walking by herself. The sneaky thief bitch pretends to help him but tries to jack Actagawa instead. Bisco catches onto this and easily fucks her up with his arrows. Then she runs away.

Actagawa has wounds that need to be treated. Milo goes into doctor mode and disciplines the giant crab. The crab finally listens to him! Bisco sees this and realizes that Milo will be okay with Actagawa after all, since they can communicate.

They continue their journey and stumble on some hill with a temple on it. They rest there and find Chiroru is already there doing the same. She’s choking when they find her! Milo immediately knows to give her mouth-to-mouth to suck out the balloonworm inside her, a creatures used to control slaves and stop them from escaping. It’s from Governor Kurokawa, the bastard.

Then shady Chiroru sells her food to them. Bisco is able to eat his namesake for the first time. Chiroru throws away some gas in a hole of the temple. Big mistake. The temple was a mantis shrimp, and the gas woke it up! Now it’s on a rampage headed for the Bonecoal Mountains. Thanks to Actagawa, they stop the shrimp in time. But it still fires off a shot that destroys the mine entrance! Now they need to find another route.

The next day, Chiroru is already gone. She stole their money, but left food for them. I’m waiting for Bisco to find out that she was the one who shot Jabi.

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