Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 1 and 2 Review - Arc Wakes Up in an Isekai World

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Episode 1
The series begins in a very tried and true way. But more on that a little later.

To get your attention, it begins with a couple girls about to be raped by bandits. But our OP hero comes out of nowhere to save them and slices the bandits in half. Killing multiple dudes in one shot.

Back to what I said earlier. The OP hero wakes up in this isekai world. He is originally a nerdy otaku gamer from a world probably like our own. This new world is the same one as the one in the game he plays, if it were real. And the OP hero doesn’t look like his real self, he looks like his game avatar, Arc. Complete with OP abilities and OP armor! See, tried and true isekai start.

He doesn’t know how he got to this world, but he accepts it easily. He’s hungry and has no money, so his first goal is to go to the nearest town and remedy this. He uses Dimension Move to practically fly there by short teleportation bursts.

Then Arc realizes that he picked the skeleton avatar, so he looks like a skeleton under his armor. To not freak out people in town, he decides to keep his helmet on.

He gets to town and right away sees delicious food he wants to buy. In an alley, he runs into a female elf. We don’t get her name, but she’ll join his party later in the season.

Next, he spots the mercenary guild where he can earn money. The guild folk can’t believe such an amazing looking person like Arc needs merc work, but he plays it off. Arc has to get a merc license first, so he has to prove himself by doing some low level stuff.

He does it easily, and also saves the two girls from the beginning. One happens to be royalty. Her name is Lauren Luvierte, and her attendant is Rita. Lauren seems to develop a crush on Arc.

Anyways, Arc goes back to town, gets his license, and celebrates by buying the meat he wanted, using the loot from the bandits he killed. And boy is he happy.

Episode 2
Arc takes a low level mercenary job to guard a village girl. The girl’s name is Marca.

Her dad passed away not long ago. He used to gather herbs in the forest. Marca wants to help her mom without her knowing by getting herbs for her.

In the forest, the two meet a little fox creature that’s wounded. Arc heals it with magic and the creature loves him for doing so. It wants to join Arc. So Arc names in Ponta.

Later on, the three run into the powerful monster that wounded Ponta. It’s a basilisk. It’s tough, but still no match for Arc. He kills it with one blow.

They return to the village with a fanged boar Arc killed. Its hide goes to Marca and the meat goes to the villagers. Marca’s mom is relieved Marca is safe and sound. 

Later, we see a battalion of knights fighting another basilisk, like the one Arc killed. But it took over 50 knights to kill it. The commander wonders what monstrous being could kill the first basilisk.

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