“Soul” director reveals why did he set the story in the world of “souls” that no one has ever seen?

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Disney & Pixar's latest work, "Soul," which depicts the "World of souls before birth," will be released in the memorable year of the 25th anniversary of the"Toy Story" release on the official Disney video streaming service "Disney Plus" from 05:00 P. M. on December 25, 2020.

Director Pete Docter, who has been creating a world full of imagination, will challenge the world of "Soul" in this work. The director said about the stage setting, "I want people to have a movie experience that they have never seen in the real world."

In "Monsters, Inc.", the director drew a world where monsters live, in "Inside Out", the world in the head of the girl Riley, worlds that no one has ever seen by exploding a rich imagination.

Of course, the characters that appear in "Soul", in the world of "souls before birth" selected by such a director Docter, are "souls". The director said he wanted to "surprise" the viewers by showing a fantasy world that is not human.

Regarding the story set of "Soul" the director commented, "I like to imagine and create worlds that no one has ever seen. I think when someone watches a movie and says, "That is something I have never seen before!", it is like a brain-stimulating experience. That's why I wanted everyone to be surprised and wanted to create an unpredictable world."

Even drawing the souls in the world of the "Soul" with animation, it seems that it took time to complete the discussion in detail within the team, such as imagining a world without reference materials and how to move the characters.

What kind of imagination created this world of "Soul" that no one has ever seen before?

Expectations are only rising for this work, which is the deepest emotional movement in Pixar's history, unfolded by the Soul girl No22 who has nothing to do and Joe, a music teacher who wants to make her dream come true.


Exclusive streaming starts at 05:00 P. M. on Friday, December 25 on Disney Plus

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