Spirit Chronicles - Episode 3 Review - Charles Orders Latifa to Kill Rio

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I’m reeeeeally tired of the male bully classmate trope. This isekai is rife with it. If we’re going to make a fantasy, at least have the jerks get what they deserve.

The ep starts with Celia concerned that Rio has not written his goals for the future like the rest of his class. She’s right to be concerned.

It cuts to a class lesson where Celia is teaching about magic. The male students use the lecture as a chance to be jerks to Rio again. Shocker. I mean, he just won a sword tournament against Charles Arbor, someone much older and higher ranked than him. And these guys still look down on him. Can’t you see Rio could swat you like insects?! Idiots.

Anyways, Celia puts the nobles in their place and shows them her abilities far exceed theirs during the lecture. And we learn that although Rio can’t do magic formulas, he has a way of mimicking magic. Basically, meaning he can do really powerful magic. Again, insects to him.

One of the jerkoff nobles, Stewart Huguenot, throws shade at Rio after class, clearly jealous that Rio has a strong relationship with Celia. And Stewart notices that girls in the class are falling for Rio. Of course, with only dicks like Stewart to choose from, Rio looks far more attractive.

The class takes an outdoor practicum without a teacher to demonstrate their application of military exercises. The student leader of the exercise is a jerkoff noble. He has the students take a shortcut through the mountain to get a good grade, basically cheating. Stewart’s the one who taught them about the shortcut.

On the path, the students deal with increasingly difficult monsters they weren’t expecting.  Best part was when an orc threw his spear and wounded Stewart’s leg. Of course, he cries like a pathetic baby. And accidentally pushes Princess Flora off a cliff. Rio acts fast and sacrifices himself by falling and pushing Flora back to safety. Rio then uses magic to break his fall.

With the Orcs defeated, the students talk about what has happened, and of course Stewart blames Flora’s fall on Rio. They think he might have died. Only Flora cares enough to stay and search for Rio. Then the strongest enemy of all appears - a minotaur type. The kids stand no chance against it. Again, Flora is almost killed. Rio comes back to save her and kills the minotaur single-handedly. By the way, the minotaur was summoned by an evil-looking hooded figure testing Rio’s abilities. We still don’t get his name.

Back at school, Celia overhears Charles Arbor, Stewart, and some noble guy plotting the blame on Rio so that Stewart’s House doesn’t get in trouble.

Rio can no longer stay in the kingdom. Can’t even graduate. He has a tearful goodbye with Celia, who pretty much confesses her love for him.

Then we see a beast girl assassin in prison named Latifa assigned by Charles to track and kill Rio.

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