Spirit Chronicles - Episode 5 Review - Rio and Latifa Are Welcomed into the Demi-human Village

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Picking up from last week, Rio puts Latifa to sleep with his power so that she doesn’t continue having bad dreams.

The strange wolf that appeared bursts into a flash of light that blinds Rio. In its wake are four cute demi-human girls, who we’ll later learn are named Uzuma, Sara, Orphia, and Alma.

These girls are on their guard ready to attack Rio even though he asks to speak together calmly at first. The girls find Latifa, a fellow beast girl, and realize she’s been forcibly put to sleep. That and the fact that humans are usually jerks is enough evidence to think of Rio as an enemy. They gang up on Rio and Uzuma knocks him out with some magic.

While unconscious, Rio seems to have a dream of the pink-haired girl that activated his power in the first episode. We don’t get a name for her, but she knows that he’s Haruto from the other world. Then we see a girl in a school uniform take the pink-haired girl’s place -  Haruto’s childhood friend, Mii-chan.

Rio wakes up with the beast girls around him. He’s chained to a bed. One of the village elders, Ursula apologizes for the way her people have treated him. All the girls get on their hands and knees and apologize to Rio, calling him Rio-sama. What a lovely harem sight!

The next day, Rio meets with the village’s Eldest - Ursula, Dominic and Syldora. All three are extremely grateful that Rio freed one of their people from slavery and took care of her. They want to do something for Rio to show their gratitude, so Rio agrees to stay in the village for a little while. Especially because Latifa has grown attached to him and he doesn’t want to leave her to them so abruptly. During this time, the Eldest have agreed that their people will teach him about the Spirit Arts, which is the kind of power that Rio is overflowing with.

Lady Dryas, the great person-shaped spirit of the World Tree appears out of thin air to converse with Rio.

She studies Rio and learns that the’re a person-shaped spirit sleeping inside him. And that spirit is of the highest class, higher than even Dryas. Pretty crazy considering Dryas is already worshipped as a deity.

After this, Rio gets to see his new fancy treehouse, which even has its own huge open-air bath! And shocker, three of those cute beast girls will live with Rio and Latifa and attend to them!

Then we’re treated to a montage of Rio and Latifa spending many days peacefully living in the village. A spirit festival comes up where Lady Dryas is honored, which we’ll see more of in the next ep.

Meanwhile, the mysterious antagonist sneaks into a monster cave with a new underling and steals a giant egg. The monsters, which look like dragons, make chase.

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