Spirit Chronicles - Episode 6 Review - A Wyvern Attacks Latifa

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Picking up from the last episode, everyone is having fun at a Dryas festival. Apparently, a whole year has gone by in the blink of an eye. Latifa has gotten a lot closer to the demi-humans. And Rio promises Alma, Orphia and Sara  that he will stop being so formal, and be a closer friend to them. Because they were drunk and they peer pressured him.

They take off to get more drinks and Rio uses the moment to tell Ursula that it’s time for him to finally leave and continue his journey to Yagumo. It’ll be hard, but he has to break the news to Latifa, who we all know is super attached to her “big brother,” Rio.

Rio finally breaks the news to Latifa, as gently as he can, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Shes runs away into the forest by herself and cries.

Meanwhile, that shady hooded jerk, Reiss, stopped at a hot spring with his lackey who’s holding the wyvern egg. He gives the lackey a red pill to swallow, saying it will help. Then Ries lies to the lackey and takes off. He totally made the lackey bait for all those wyverns to come after. Meanwhile, Reiss goes back to the wyvern cavern and teleport steals all the other eggs, now unguarded because the wyverns went after the lackey.

Sarah, Orphia, Alma, and Uzuma sense that a human has passed into the barrier of their land. They confront the egg lackey. He runs away on a griffin, but he’s quickly caught by a big black wyvern. And at that moment, Reiss crushes his red pill, which turns out to be a remote self-destruct for the lackey!

And of all the bad luck, the wyvern finds Latifa by herself checking out the egg that fell and broke. The wyvern goes after Latifa and gets her with a swipe, but luckily the demi-humans come in time to do battle with it. Along with the help of their spirit animals. Alma’s strategy is to pull out some crazy magic, but it will take time to summon it. Latifa tries to distract the beast in the meantime. Luckily for everyone, Rio gets there to save the day. He impressively fights back the wyvern with his bare hands. And throws some crazy power ball into the wyvern’s mouth, which proves to be a weak point. This kills the wyvern. The other wyverns flee, seeing one of their own defeated.

Rio apologizes to Latifa for earlier, but she confesses she knew this time would come some day. The two also confess to another that they were reincarnated from people in Japan. Anyways, Latifa promises to get stronger, and in the meantime, will wait for Rio to return.

The Eldest give Rio tons of supplies, an awesome mythril sword, black armor made from the wyvern, and a space-time cache to store all his things. That’s video game convenience right there!

Finally, Rio says farewell and takes off.

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