Spirit Chronicles - Episode 9 Review - Sayo Confesses Her Love for Rio

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Rio out here breaking hearts again in this episode. Isekai heartbreak stories.

It begins with Rio and Lady Yuba breaking the news to Ruri that Rio is descended from royalty. Despite that, Rio doesn’t feel like royalty himself, and asks Ruri to chill. To not be so formal when speaking to him. Ruri asks the same when he speaks the other way around, since they’re family, after all. Rio also takes this moment to announce he’s leaving the village soon, after the harvest festival.

We get a montage of the seasons passing by. It’s a peaceful life for Rio as he helps around the village. While doing some farming, Rio lets Sayo know that he is going to be leaving soon. She’s in love with him, so this makes her cry. She lies and says it’s just dirt in her eye. Rio is dense as hell to not think this news would be painful for Sayo to hear. But of course, the oblivious harem-having MC can’t possibly be aware.

Sayo goes home, and Shin catches her crying alone. At first, Shin thinks Rio did something mean to her. Before he rushes off, Sayo stops him. He reveals that Rio’s leaving.

Shin still rushes off to see Rio. But instead of being mad at Rio, he swallows his pride and begs for him to stay for his sister’s sake. By now, Rio and Lady Yuba must know how Sayo feels. But Sayo is able to stop her brother from causing any more inconvenience for them.

Six months pass. We get another montage, but this time it’s of Sayo working hard on her physical strength and spiritual arts every day.

The harvest festival finally comes. Gouki, his wife Kayoko and his daughter Komomo are in attendance. Gouki’s completely thrown away formalities so he can have fun sumo wrestling with the villagers. They don’t stand a chance against him.

Sayo pulls Rio away to speak privately. She confesses her love for him and asks to join him in his journey. She says she’s been training every day so that she doesn’t slow him down.

This is one amazing girl. Bold enough to confess her love and ask to be by Rio’s side. Even when Rio says he can’t reciprocate, she accepts and still asks to stay with him. But it’s no good. He apologizes and takes his leave. Shin is watching over his sister, secretly.

Rio bids farewell to Lady Yuba and Ruri the next early morning. He’s about to leave the village when he sees Sayo waiting to say goodbye to him. She managed the courage the courage and strength to do so after Gouki gave her a pep talk the day before. How bittersweet.

Rio returns to the demihuman village. The Eldest welcome him back. As does Latifa, Sara, Orphia and Alma. It’s been two years since he’s been back.

Then Rio wakes up from his sleep to the spirit girl from inside him. She’s naked!

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