Spirit Chronicles - Episodes 1 and 2 Review - Rio Saves Princess Flora and Gets Tutored by Celia

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

And so begins another exciting isekai anime! It starts with a boy named Haruto in modern Japan making a tearful goodbye to his childhood female friend because he’s moving. But he promises to come back and marry her someday. Welp, fate had different plans, as adult Haruto is hit by a train while riding in a bus! He dies.

His memories (spirit?) are transferred to a boy named Rio who lives in the slums… of a parallel world. Rio looks like he’s ten years old or even younger. He lives with some shady bandit guys who don’t care about him. They have some cargo they stole, and it’s in a big bag.

Rio is then approached by a woman and three girls. All of them are beautiful, and obviously not from the slums. They ask him if they’ve seen a girl, but he replies that he hasn’t. Only one of the other girls, Celia, is kind to him and even pays well for his information.

By the way, Celia used some magic radar spell to look for the missing girl. But her radar only picked up Rio. So he has significant magic ability… 

Rio goes back home alone and finds that a masked killer has killed his shady “guardians.” The killer was going to kill Rio as well, but Rio uses his magic and knocks him out. Then Rio discovers that the cargo was the missing girl, Princess Flora! The princess asks Rio to take her to the castle, but passes out at the sight of the dead bodies.

Rio begins to carry her to the castle when the four females from earlier spot him. They immediately accuse Rio of wrongdoing. To clear things up, they take Rio in for questioning.

Rio isn’t just questioned. He’s tortured by some jerk named Charles Arbor. That’s not what the girls wanted. They free him. And as a reward for saving the princess, he receives an audience with the king. They clean him up and Celia teaches him manners.

In Episode 2, Rio joins the Royal Academy as part of his reward. Since he’s from another world, he doesn’t know how to read or write in this one, but his isekai status is a secret. Celia is kind to him, as both his tutor and teacher. But all of his classmates harass and hate him for being a commoner.

After Rio learns the symbols of the world, reading, writing and math are not that hard. After all, he has the mind of a university student already. He places top of the class alongside Flora’s sister, the rude one named Christina. He also excels at sword fighting because he learned from his grandfather in his past world.

Five years pass in a flash. Celia’s pretty much fallen for Rio but hasn’t told him. They’re good friends. Rio is good enough to become a knight but doesn’t want to become one. He beats Charles’ ass in a tournament!

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