Spy x Family - Episode 1 and 2 Review - Loid, Anya, and Yor Form a Fake Family

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Episode 1
The series begins with some big shot getting whacked mysteriously. He’s from Westalis, a country that wants to keep the peace. He was killed by someone from Ostania, its neighboring country that wants war with Westalis.

So a secret organization sends their best spy to help smooth things. We’re introduced to our hero, Loid Forger AKA Twilight. He can put on 100 faces and pretend to be just about anyone.

Through coded communication, Loid learns his next mission is to get close to a target named Donovan Desmond. To do so, he’s ordered to have a family. Because Desmond only shows his face at his kid’s prestigious school. This is a very difficult assignment for Loid, as he’s always done things alone. Even worse, he only has one week to get married and have a kid that he can bring to admissions.

So Loid goes to an orphanage to find a child. And lucks out big time by finding Anya. She’s a cute little girl. Who happens to be psychic because she was experimented on. So she can see into Loid’s mind and react accordingly to impress him. Because she wants Loid to take her. She likes that he’s a spy.

Loid takes her in but doesn’t know how to take care of a child. He immediately has his hands full with her. He whines about it to his gadget guy/informant, Franky Franklin.

Meanwhile, Anya gets into Loid’s spy equipment and sends a communication that the enemy catches. Giving away the location of their apartment. Bad guys go there and kidnap Anya!

Loid is able to save her, but he worries for her safety. So he tells her to leave him. But she doesn’t want to. So they stay together.

After studying really hard with Loid’s help, Anya is able to pass her entrance exam! But the next problem comes up - the school wants a child to have both parents - so now Loid needs to find a wife!

Episode 2
We’re introduced to Yor Briar AKA Thorn Princess, an assassin who works as a city clerk as a cover. She’s not good with people, and her co-workers are total bitches to her, but they pretend to be friendly. So they invite her to a party, because they want to humiliate her for not having a boyfriend. She promises she’ll bring him, but she’s actually alone.

Truth is, Yor is not good with people, but she’s amazing at killing them.

She conveniently meets Loid at a tailor shop. They both hope the other can pretend to be a lover, but almost don’t connect. Luckily, Anya uses her powers to learn their true motives and plays cupid to connect them. Loid promises to pretend to be Yor’s boyfriend at a party if she promises to pretend to be his wife for the school. It’s agreed.

But that night, Loid gets held up completing a burglary mission, chased by his enemies. Since Loid doesn’t show up on time, Yor believes she’s been stood up. She still goes to the party, where the bitches try to humiliate her.

Then Loid finally shows up to the party. He mixes up the stories, and introduces himself as Yor’s husband! The worst bitch is really jealous about this and tries her best to harm Yor, but it just blows back on her. Loid is able to defend Yor’s reputation.

Loid and Yor leave the party, where the enemies from earlier catch up to Loid. He pretends they’re just his psychiatric patients and this chase is just therapy. The two work together to beat up the bad guys. And Loid proposes to Yor, asking her to be his fake wife. She’s genuinely attracted to him, just as he is to her. So she accepts! These two lonely people have finally found the perfect match!

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