Studio Ghibli “Aya to Majo” will be released on December 30! The casts, including Terajima Shinobu and Toyokawa Etsushi, have been announced

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Studio Ghibli's first full 3DCG movie "Aya to Majo" was decided to be released on December 30, 2020. Along with that announcement, the casts, including Terajima Shinobu and Toyokawa Etsushi, have been announced.

"Aya to Majo" is a story about Aya, who was raised without knowing that she is a witch's daughter, living along with a nasty witch after being adopted by a peculiar family on a certain day. The idea is by Miyazaki Hayao while the director is Miyazaki Gorou.

After being selected as 1 of the 56 "Official Selection 2020" works of Festival International du Film de Cannes in June 2020, it has gathered a lot of attention from around the world.

This time, the casts for this work have been announced. The protagonist Aya is voiced by Hirasawa Kokoro, who was chosen by an audition. The other announced casts are Terajima Shinobu as Bella Yaga, Toyokawa Etsushi as Mandrake, and Hamada Gaku as Thomas. The comments from the casts have been revealed as well.

"Aya to Majo" will be broadcast at 7:30 PM, on December 30 on NHK General TV.

Terajima Shinobu, voice of Bella Yaga

It was like a dream experience for me as my first anime's voice acting is a work by Studio Ghibli. The appearance of Aya trying her best to live on magnificently regardless of her surrounding will surely give us the courage and hope in this current situation.

Toyokawa Etsushi, voice of Mandrake

Aya to Majo, I had finally gotten an offer for a work by my yearning Ghibli. I was nervous during my first time as a voice actor. I was unable to stop my excitement once I said my first lines. To you who are like an adult or a child, this will be a fantastic (Christmas) present that you will cherish at this time. Please do accept it!

Hamada Gaku, voice of Thomas

It was like a dream come true as I was able to participate in a work by my adoring Ghibli. The appearance of Aya accepting and facing all the situations with her head held high, gave me courage as well as make me smile. I am not sure what I am able to do as a black cat but I want to be by her side until she becomes independent.

Hirasawa Kokoro, voice of Aya

I'm Hirasawa Kokoro and I'm the voice actress for Aya! I was on cloud nine when I was chosen as the voice of Aya because I had the thought of "It might be hard for me to get the role" during the audition! Various historical Ghibli's works were displayed in Studio Ghibli, and it makes me feel excited as I have gotten the actual feel of participating in a Ghibli's work! I had done the voice acting while wanting to convey this earnest feeling. So, please enjoy Aya, who is strong, bright, and slightly cheeky yet can't be hated! Let is vibrate in everyone's "kokoro" (hearts, a play of word with her name)!

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