Takt Op. Destiny - Episode 3 Review - Cosette Becomes Destiny

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Takt Op. Destiny Episode 2, we continue the origin story of Cosette and Takt, who have just transformed into Musicart and Conductor for the first time. The two seem like different people now, on the warpath to eradicate D2s. And they do a helluva job killing them.

But Cosette runs out of energy and collapses. Her clothes go back to normal. Takt doesn’t feel great either, but his arm manifests back on him. There are some D2s left. And just as they’re about to kill Takt and Cosette, another Conductor and Musicart with orange hair and a shotgun show up on the scene. They dispatch the rest of the D2s. Takt passes out. A mysterious shadowy figure watches the fight from a distant rooftop.

Takt has a dream where Cosette seems to look away from him. Metaphor. Then he wakes up and is greeted by the more robotic Cosette, who says her name is now Destiny. And she’s no longer the person Cosette.

The Conductor and Musicart who saved Talk introduce themselves and explain important information. The Conductor’s name is Lenny and the Musciart is Titan

They come from Symphonica in New York. Lenny explains that people with potential are developed into Musicarts through a rigorous process. Only these people can defeat D2s.

But Takt and Cosette’s transformation was instantaneous. This is rare and it’s possible this never happened before. And maybe because of that, Destiny is unstable with her energy consumption. She’s stuck in a sleep mode, not the armored mode she is supposed to be in. Which is why she passed out. Lenny thinks she even devours Takt’s life force. That’s when the red scar on his hand grows all over his body.

Takt, Anna, and Lenny discuss what needs to be done. They have to take Cosette to Symphonica to get fixed. Lenny and Titan will go with them part of the way to teach them the basics. How kind.

Lenny says once you become a Musicart, you’re a whole different person. The old you no longer exists. Anna holds out hope that at Symphonica, her sister’s personality will come back after the experts work on her.

Suddenly, Destiny flies off. She senses the D2s nearby, and believes it’s her mission to defeat them. She’s got the tunnel vision. And this is the first time that Takt feels pain when Cosette uses her weapon and energy.

Lenny and Titan catch up to the two and help finish off the enemy. One D2 remains, putting Anna in danger. Takt gives Destiny permission to kill the D2 at the cost of blasting his house to bits. Anna’s shocked by this but Takt feels no regret. There’s nothing for him there anymore.

So there journey begins. And Destiny reveals that she wants to hear her Maestro Takt play piano. And also, she loves desserts...

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