That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 25 "Rimuru's Busy Life" Review

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This is a review for Ep 25 of TenSura aka Ep 1 of Season 2. Warning: This review contains spoilers for the episode as well as any episodes that came before it!

As we saw in the first season (feels so long ago now), TenSura is an anime about a powerful, kindhearted, and savvy individual named Rimuru Tempest who aims to obtain and maintain a peaceful life for his people. So, even though the series has presented some pretty awesome action scenes in the past, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the first moments of Season 2 were not exploding with dynamic battles. Indeed, the opening of the season premiere was fairly humdrum. And I’m not complaining.

The ep starts with Rimuru teaching, still a month before finishing up his semester with the Freedom Academy kids. The kids’ arc was okay, but I much prefer seeing Rimuru’s antics with the people of Tempest. Get back to your people, Rimuru! And he did just that. In no time at all he teleported to Rimuru Town thanks to a handy-dandy spatial magic spell he absorbed recently.

We get a short recap voiceover from Rimuru as we see a number of scenes from the first season. This refresher is nice for all of us who don’t remember everything from Season 1. I just rewatched all of Season 1, so I didn’t need it. If I hadn’t just rewatched that, I’m sure seeing all the characters of Rimuru Town in this ep would have felt like a fun reunion with long lost friends.

You may recall that Rimuru made a non-aggression pact with Demon Lord Carrion after the battle with Charybdis. Now Carrion’s nation and the Tempest nation are trading delegates (bye, Benimaru and Rigur!). We get to see Rimuru’s people prepare for the arrival of Carrion’s representatives, which means we get an excuse to observe the slice-of-life moments with established characters that I love. Whether it’s Shuna giving cooking advice to a goblin or Shion performing her secretarial duties by updating Rimuru as he rests comfortably under her massive boobs, I love the humdrum daily life that Rimuru-sama has founded.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m also an action fanatic. I expected fists to fly sooner or later, and it just so happens that one of Carrion’s representatives, the hot-headed Beastketeer Suphia, was itching for a fight. Shion was more than willing to throw down with Suphia after her disrespectful words toward her beloved Rimuru-sama. Meanwhile, the human Youm was matched up against another Beastketeer, Grucius. The ep ends with the two fights evenly matched it seems, so we’ll have to wait until next week to see who wins. No matter what, I’m sure Rimuru will win over the hearts and minds of these new characters as he always does!

Of the three new characters introduced - Albis, Grucius, and Suphia - I like Albis the most, both in character design and personality. She’s a level-headed leader, someone I expect Rimuru to work well with!

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