That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 26 Review - Shion Cries and Rimuru Goes to Dwargon

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Warning: Article contains spoilers up to the end of TenSura Episode 26 (Season 2 Episode 2).

The fight presenting Shion vs. Suphia and Youm vs. Grucius which started in the previous episode comes to its conclusion. Who comes out victorious? No one. It ends in a draw. To be more specific, Albis puts a stop to the fight right when Shion begins to charge up a powerful Magic Bullet. So if you were hoping to see who was stronger in those duels, you’re out of luck. Besides, it was apparently all just a test by the Beastketeers to see if the people of Tempest were worthy allies to their nation. Maybe they would have never gone all out. But who knows, we might see them square off again in the future!

Funny enough, even Rimuru is able to show off his strength to the Beasketeers. When Shion is unable to stop her Magic Bullet from growing in size, she no longer has the ability to control it or direct it. Lucky for her, Rimuru is there to use the Gluttony skill with ease and consumes the Magic Bullet in an instant. The Beasketeers are  impressed by this. We can safely deduce that Rimuru is stronger than the Beasketeers since they were afraid of the Magic Bullet’s power.

After the fight, tensions ease and the Tempest nation hosts Lord Carrion’s delegation as planned. The delegation loved eating Japanese delicacies in the new reception hall. I like the episode showed chef goblins happy that their cooking was well received, a nice little throwback to the previous ep.

Albis is able to drink several barrels full of alcohol, proving she’s a woman who can hold her liquor. Add that to the number of reasons I’m enjoying her character! The drinking leads to a new agreement between Tempest and Eurazania to exchange liquor for fruits. And it also gives Rimuru a reason to introduce us to a dog person for the first time ever. His name is Koby. And I love how small and nervous he is, especially when dealing with the Beasketeers. Hope we see more of him!

But the best gag of the episode goes to Shion. When she learns that Shuna gets to accompany Rimuru on a trip to Dwargon, she sulks. Well, more than sulks. She cries so hard that it destroys the room! Studio Eight Bit is really doubling down on the Shion fan service. Along with the fight and Magic Bullet problem at the beginning, she sure got a lot of screen time. And I’m not complaining. But I do wonder why Milim hasn’t made an appearance yet, being another fan favorite waifu.

At the end of this episode, we finally see Demon Lord Clayman again, plotting something wicked against Rimuru as usual. I'm happy we meet one of his servants, Myulan, who looks to be another cute girl that Rimuru will win over. But Hinata Sakaguchi still hasn’t crossed paths with our slime yet. Weird.

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