That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 28 Review - Rimuru vs. the King of Falmuth

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 28 follow.

The plot is thickening. The pieces are falling into place. 

After visiting Dwargon in the previous episode, Rimuru returns to Freedom Academy to congratulate his students on passing their final exam. They get a little sad when they learn that Rimuru will no longer be teaching them. But he tells them to cheer up, as they will “always be his precious students.” I’m sure we’ll see them again some day, especially Chloe, who is mysteriously important. Besides, as a reward, Rimuru also gives them the last chapters of the manga they were reading. Funny enough, it’s Parasyte.

These first few episodes of the season have been very peaceful. That was bound to change eventually. Since the nation of Tempest is rising in power quickly, its neighbors are taking note and making moves against Tempest.

There’s one faction that we have already been introduced to. Lord Clayman, who has secretly sent the majin Myulan to investigate Tempest. As we saw in the last ep, Myulan has already infiltrated Youm’s party. In this ep, Youm gives a grand tour of Tempest and all of its achievements. Myulan sees firsthand that Rimuru’s people are formidable both in technology and magic. She notices the power of the kijin and even gets to see Hakurou’s impressive combat training. That sure is a lot of intel she can pass along to Clayman after one day in Tempest!

Here’s my prediction. Myulan will at first be loyal to Clayman and spill the info on Tempest. Then she’ll see the error of her ways and join the Tempest nation as an ally, maybe even live there. She just seems too kind to go down the bad guy route completely.

The other enemy against Rimuru is new to us. We meet the King of Falmuth, a guy who seems pretty nasty. He and his subordinates are willing to use whatever means necessary (like starting a war is for fake religious reasons) to subjugate Tempest. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that a nation of humans would want to take down a nation of monsters. And logistically, for their nation to stay powerful, they have to win against Tempest, which is competing with them economically. Still, it’s skeezy politics at work, and I don’t like it one bit.

We are introduced to a few of Falmuth’s despicable Otherworlders - Shogo, Kyoya, and Kirara. They seem like really rude yankii to me. I can’t wait to see Rimuru hand their butts to them.

But it’s not all bad news. At the very end, we finally get a short teaser appearance by our beloved Milim, meeting with Clayman! Falmuth was already going to lose, but with Milim in the mix they’re going to be completely demolished!

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