That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 37 - Rimuru Has a Meeting to Discuss the Future of Tempest

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

TenSura is back for Season 2 Part 2! The episode begins right where part 1 of Season 2 left off three months ago. Rimuru has just released Veldora who has taken a human form with Rimuru’s help. He’s super excited to be out of Rimuru and of the cave finally. It’s been centuries since he’s seen the outside world with his own eyes. Veldora’s new phrases and new techniques are actually influenced by Rimuru’s memories of manga that Veldora was able to view while tucked away. Neat.

Also, completing analysis of Unlimited Imprisonment somehow meant analyzing Velodora’s remains, which gave Rimuru the Ultimate Skill: Veldora. And he also gets Ultimate Skill: Uriel. Bringing his Ultimate Skill count to four. As if Rimuru wasn’t OP enough!

Rimuru takes Velodora to Tempest Village and introduces him. At first, everyone’s confused. Then Treyni appears and bows down to Veldora, as she recognizes him. That’s when it finally clicks with everyone in town, and they all bow down to Veldora’s greatness. And again are impressed with Rimuru for having such an important and powerful “sword friend.”

With Veldora’s release, the defeat of Falmuth and the resurrection of the townspeople, Rimuru leads the town in a huge celebration! Everyone eats well and gets drunk! Shion makes food for Benimaru and Rimuru. It looks awful, as expected. One reason the food sucks is because she refuses to use normal kitchen knives when she cooks - she only uses her giant sword for all things and she doesn’t want to cheat on it. But using it for cooking would mean cutting entire buildings in half. That’s so Shion. Well, luckily after resurrecting she gained the skilled Master Chef. So no matter how bad it looks, the food actually tastes good the way she wants it to. That’s an amazing power.

The next day, all of the town’s leaders meet to discuss future plans - rescuing Demon Lord Carrion, defeating Clayman, and dealing with Falmuth and the Western Holy Church. Everyone wholeheartedly agrees with the plans. Then Fuze barges into the meeting after just arriving into the city. He still believes Falmuth’s army needs to be defeated, and he offers his aid with fifty soldiers. But his thunder and enthusiasm is wiped out when he learns the battle is already long over, after Rimuru wiped out the forces.

Then the meeting is interrupted by even more visitors. First Gazel Dwargo with thirty knights. Then a new character - Elalude Grimwald from Thalion. Elalude first mistakes Rimuru for kidnapping his daughter after inaccurate intel he’s received. He almost lets off an explosion spell on Rimuru, but Eren comes out and sets him right. After the commotion settles down, Gazel and Elalude push their way into the meeting.

This was all set up and a bit of a tease. I’m sure plenty of fans are anxious to see some action!

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