That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 38 and 39 Review - Kazaream Appears and the Tempest Meeting Finishes

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This review covers 2 episodes in 1! In Ep 38, it begins with Laplace spying on the Western Holy Church. The Demon Lord Valentine nearly kills him for trespassing, but he escapes just in time. Laplace reports to Yuuki Kagurazaka, the evil mastermind who betrayed Rimuru and is scheming something. Kagurazaka transferred the soul of Laplace’s president, the Demon Lord Kazaream, into the body of a beautiful woman named Kagali. Who now also serves Kagurazaka.

Back in Tempest, the meeting is only about the begin. Introductions are made, and then Veldora introduces himself in human form as Rimuru’s friend. Fuze, Gazel, and Elalude are all shocked by this. The meeting is then postponed again so that Gazel and Elalude can talk privately about it with Rimuru.

The problem is how this information should be revealed to world and if it should be, and how the nations they lead should respond. Veldora has a reputation as being the terrifying, destructive evil Storm Dragon, one especially hated by the Western Holy Church. Anyways, Gazel and Elalude affirm their support of Rimuru and Tempest. And come up with a story to spread to the masses.

The meeting resumes, with Diablo and Shion offering to handle the troublesome Hinata. Then another new visitor interrupts the meeting. Ramaris

In Ep 39, Ramiris warns Rimuru that Tempest is doomed, but no one listens to her and she basically gets swatted away out of the meeting. The meeting continues with Rimuru going over the story details that will be shared with the public. The story makes Falmuth look bad (they are, anyways) and Tempest look good, while saying the majority of casualties was caused by Velodra, who was awakened because of Falmuth. It also sets up Youm to take over Falmuth as the new leader through civil war that Tempest sets up.

In the end, everyone in the meeting accepts putting Youm on the throne. And Elalude enters into official diplomatic relations with Rimuru and Tempest. Gobta sleeps through the whole meeting, which pretty much echoes how I feel about having to watch three meeting episodes in a row. Really slow start to this part of the season. 

In the end, we see Laplace chatting with Clayman. Clayman is scheming as usual, but we finally see him lose his cool. His precious schemes are coming more and more undone.

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