That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 40 Review - Ramiris Warns about Walpurgis

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The big meeting in Tempest ended last ep, right? Wrong! Yet another meeting episode happened this week. Sigh. I guess when an isekai has as many characters as TenSura, it’s one of the only ways to make sure no one is left out.

By the way, for those wondering, Ep 40 translates to Ep 16 of Season 2.

We finally get to find out why Ramiris rushed over and what her warning is about. She warns that Walpurgis is about to happen. We also see Beretta finally. The golem inhabited by a demon in Ramiris’ lair from way back in Season 1. We hear Beretta speak for the first time, and it’s a pleasant female voice. Funny, it definitely looks scary.

Anyways, Walpurgis was approved by three Demon Lords - Frey, Milim, and Clayman. Its purpose to discuss the arrival of the new Demon Lord, Rimuru, and what to do about him. It’s also to address what Clayman claims is Carrion’s betrayal - working with Rimuru to kill Myulan. Sheesh, so convoluted. Of course we know that Myulan is not dead, Rimuru simply destroyed her artificial heart.

Ramiris announces officially joining Rimuru’s side, and also sort of invites herself to live in Tempest.

During an onsen scene, Elalude negotiates with Rimuru for Tempest nation to build a road between their countries. Rimuru agrees, but only if Tempest gets to charge a toll for the expense. Meanwhile, Treyni and Trya wash Ramiris on the girls’ side. What weird fanservice.

Everyone meets up again at dinner. Shion announces what she learned from interrogating King Edmaris, Archbishop Reyhiem, and Razen. It wasn’t an interrogation, though, it was awesome sadistic torture where Shion turned the three into living chunks of mutilated flesh, and they had to eat themselves. But we don’t get those nice details from the anime version. Anyways, Shion learns their motivations for attacking Tempest and reports this to the dinner meeting. 

It’s impressive that Diablo easily defeated Razen, so Rimuru assigns Diablo to join Benimaru and Youm in their work creating civil war in Falmuth. They’ll be using those three prisoners in their plan, too.

Next up, Souei reports after spying on Clayman’s army. It has 30,000 troops ready, being led by Clayman’s strongest Finger - Yamza. The other members of the Five Fingers are Adalman, Nine Head, Pirone, and formerly Myulan. From the report, the dinner party learns that Clayman isn’t going after Tempest, it’s going after Eurazania. Clayman’s goal is to slaughter enough lives there to awaken as a True Demon Lord. Raphael deduces this and tells Rimuru.

Clayman’s army will get to Eurazania in two days. The Beasketeers wouldn’t be able to make it back there in time - but Rimuru’s forces are filled with powerful characters and ways to teleport. So I’m not worried one bit! Let’s see how it plays out next episode.

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