That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 41 Review - Rimuru Finds a Way Eurazania in Time

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The ep begins with Rimuru’s meeting party trying to figure out how to deal with Clayman’s army. Led by Yamza, that army is scheduled to arrive in Eurazania and massacre its people in two days. He’s doing this in order to take their souls and awaken as a True Demon Lord. Rimuru and his allies have no means of getting Rimuru’s army there in time to stop them.

But as I predicted, they did come up with a way, and it does involve teleportation. Usually “transport magic” is dangerous to normal humans who don’t possess enough magicules. But Raphael informs Rimuru that she has developed a “perfect transport” technique that makes it possible to safely teleport the entire army to Eurazania in an instant!

In a meeting (another one) after with just Rimuru’s lieutenants present, Shion comes up with the bright idea for Rimuru to crash Walpurgis. I guess to piss off Clayman and throw him off? Maybe even destroy him? Not clear. 

Two escorts are allowed to come to Walpurgis with their Demon Lord. Diablo almost goes, but he already has to go to Falmuth. So Shion and Ranga are assigned to go instead. And as an ace up their sleeve, Rimuru can summon Veldora to their location instantly. For now, Veldora will stay at Tempest to protect the people. Meanwhile, Ramiris decides to bring Treyni because Treyni begged for the honor. Her second escort is Beretta.

Over at the City of the Forgotten Dragon, Yamza’s army prepare. The army take a large share of food from that country. Hermes and Father Middray, who are loyal to Milim, suspect Milim wrote orders to give up the food because she was forced to somehow by Clayman.

Yamza wants more food and supplies for his army and when Middray declines, Yamza is a complete asshole. Not only that, he also cuts off Hermes arm and nearly kills him! Middray is patient enough and respectful enough to Yamza that he’s able to smooth things out. He also uses healing magic to reattach Hermes’ arm as if nothing happened. But the two definitely hate Yamza and Clayman. Still no sign of Milim, unfortunately.

With a battle being dangerous, Raphael suggest to Rimuru to move all of the Eurazania people to Tempest with Perfect Transport before Yamza’s army gets there. This will piss off Clayman even more, and keep those people safe. So with the help of Phobio explaining things by his side, Rimuru teleports them.

The next day, Rimuru’s forces numbering 20,000 assemble for battle! They include Lycanthropes, Gobta’s Goblin Riders, Ogres, Hobgoblins, High Orcs, and Dragonewts.

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