That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 42 Review - How Clayman Controls Milim

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Expecting a big battle after last week’s cliffhanger? So was I. Instead we get… another meeting! Woohoo!

Everyone from Tempest goes off on their missions. Rimuru reminds Veldora not to do anything to cause attention, as he’s the ace up their sleeve.

Clayman gets a “phone” report from Yamza. Yamza’s forces have discovered that they can’t find anyone in Eurazania. LOL They don’t know where the people went, and Clayman orders them to continue searching. Wasting your time, dumbassess! A mysterious “merchant” also informs Yamza that Veldora was awakened by the Falmuth army. And that it was Veldora who destroyed them, inadvertently saving Rimuru. This is the lie Rimuru wanted spread around the continent, and it’s going just as planned. The dumbass Clayman doesn’t know the truth, yet.

The scene changes to Frey in a room with the brainwashed Milim. Frey recalls how Milim got that way. Milim is doing whatever Clayman wants these days because Frey tricked her into wearing a magic pendant that is controlling her. Frey doesn’t seem to like Clayman, but she’s helping him for various reasons. Talking to herself, she predicts Clayman will meet his demise at Walpurgis, and that makes her smile.

Meanwhile, Demon Lord Leon Cromwell visits Demon Lord Guy Crimson in his palace. This is the first time we see Guy Crimson. He seems attracted to Cromwell, but Leon doesn’t feel the same. Total male tsundere type.

Guy wants Leon to go to Walpurgis. Their informants have learned interesting things that make the event appealing to go to. They want to learn what’s up with Milim. And Clayman. Then Guy’s partner appears during the talk - Velzard - the White Ice Dragon and sister to Veldora.

Leon tells them his informant discovered Veldora has awakened. Maybe this merchant informant is the same one that talked to Yamza. So even Guy and Leon have fallen prey to the misinformation. But Leon speculates that Veldora’s presence disappeared because someone consumed him along with his seal. And he thinks that person is Rimuru. Which we all know is true.

Leon has also learned that Rimuru saved the academy isekai kids from dying. And that Rimuru is interfering with any further isekai summons. Another reason why Guy and Leon want to meet him. This seems to go against Leon’s schemes, which he is keeping secret.

Anyways, for now, Guy Crimson is playing it cool and simply loves being entertained by these turn of events.

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