That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 43 Review - Albis vs. Yamza

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Warning: Spoilers ahead. 

I can’t believe it. This episode contained… some action?? But even then, conversations dragged on. They’re really padding the eps with filler to make the series last longer.

It begins with Rimuru placing Treyni’s spirt into a Dryas doll so that she could take a physical form. And now that form can leave Just forest to escort Ramiris to Walpurgis.

Next up, we get a report from Benimaru that preparations to ambush Clayman’s army are ready. It will happen in a canyon in Geld’s homeland, the barren wastelands.

While Clayman is away at Walpurgis, Benimaru wants to destroy Clayman’s castle. Shuna insists that she go too to help. She wants to get back at Clayman as well. Hakurou and Souei promise to protect her. Rimuru OK’s it.

Benimaru and the Beasketeers look over the canyon of Clayman minions and are ready to pounce. Albis, Suphia and Phobio request to attack the enemy directly, and Benimaru OK’s it.

Then the strike begins. First, the orcs line up on both sides of the canyon cliffs and stomp in unison, destroying the ground beneath the enemy. It looks like most bad guys fall in, but some can fly. Gabiru’s dragonewt forces pick the flyers off immediately.

Father Middray and Hermes get ready to battle the approaching Suphia and Gabiru.

Phobio catches up with Tear and Footman. He has some personal payback to deal them from season 1. But they’re formidable. Good thing Geld has joined the fight. He also wants to get them back for what they did to his former Orc Lord.

In the enemy’s strategy tent, Yamza can tell this is going to be a loss. So he secretly prepares to flee like a rat. What a lowly piece of crap. He pretends he’s going to get Adalman for aid. Even if he was serious, it doesn’t matter. Because Albis as taken over the area with her abilities and he can’t teleport away.

Albis easily kills off Yamza’s guards with paralysis and petrify. It looks like it’s just down to one-one-one between them. But the cheap bastard Yamza has the last of his guards sneak attack Albis all at once. She petrifies them, but that makes her vulnerable to an attack from Yamza. Or she would have been. Luckily Gobta and his goblin riders were hiding in Albis’ shadow! He defends against Yamza’s sneak attack.

Gobta almost holds his own against Yamza, which is a testament to his training under Hakurou. But Gobta sets it up for Albis to fight him one-on-one again.

We’ll have to wait until next week to see how these match-ups play out. At least we finally got some action in this ep.

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