That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 44 Review - Benimaru Decimates a New Charybydis

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Finally, an episode filled with fighting. But even in this ep, things slowed down for more conversation between enemies.

A little time has been skipped over. Gabiru’s Dragonewts and the Dragon Faithful are all knocked out/exhausted from the fight. Gabiru is fighting Hermes while Suphia is fighting Father Middray.

But here’s the shocker. Father Middray is easily beating Suphia. He says he can even take on Milim! I didn’t think this bald guy was so powerful. He explains that even though he and the Dragon Faithful seem human, they’re actually Dragonewts. That’s why they’re stronger than a normal human.

Gabiru is able to defeat Hermes. So then it becomes Gabiru and Suphia vs. Middray.

Then we catch up with the fight between Albis and Yamza. Soldiers on both sides of the battle watch the two fight. Yamza pulls out his ace up his sleeve. An armband that allows him to create a Doppelganger. Albis calls it a pathetic secret weapon. And indeed, the second Yamza doesn’t get to do anything before being destroyed instantly.

Albis changes to her more powerful form, which is even hotter than her first form. Just transforming is terrifying enough for her allies to retreat. The enemies get petrified and turned to ash with an AoE attack.

Albis was actually going to take Yamza prisoner, but Clayman starts controlling his body with marionette powers. So it seems Clayman has been watching the battle. He forces Yamza to swallow an orb, which transforms him into a pseudo Charybdis!

Even from a distance, Suphia, Middray and the others can sense that this is a greater threat. So they stop fighting each other and prepare to fight Charybdis all day long. It can’t be allowed to devour lives and get more powerful.

Albis tries to attack Charybdis by herself, but her attack does nothing. That’s when Benimaru comes out of nowhere. With one slice of his blade, he’s able to cut off Charybdis’s tail! And black flame keeps it from regenerating. Then Benimaru uses another technique that swallows Charybdis with black flame, disintegrating the whole monster instantly!

All the Dragonewts and Dragon Faithful pumping themselves up for a big fight was unnecessary. For a moment, it seems like Benimaru and Middray will fight. But their allies stop them, clarifying they’re not really enemies. Besides, both admit they would be destroyed by the other.

That just leaves Geld and Phobio vs. Foot and Tear. But we don’t even see them fight really. Foot and Tear kicked their asses despite their best efforts. Then Foot and Tear retreat, sparing their lives. Although they lost, Benimaru thanks Geld and Phobio for gathering intel on those two.

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