That Time I Got Reincarnateda Slime - Episode 45 Review - Shuna Fights Adalman

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Lots of action in this episode! The ep begins with Shuna finishing the fitting for Rimuru’s new outfit that we see in the OP. Then Shuna teleports off to invade Clayman’s castle.

It’s almost time for Rimuru and Ramiris to head to Walpurgis. They talk about the current Demon Lords. There’s Guy Crimson, one of the oldest. A giant named Dagruel. Roy Valentine, the vampire Demon Lord. And some lazy guy named Dino that Ramiris doesn’t like being compared to. And of course we already know Milim, Leon, Carrion, Frey and Clayman.

Misery comes to pick up Ramiris, Rimuru, Treyni, Ranga, Beretta, and Shion through some gothic teleportation door that Rimuru thinks is a bit much. Weird that they didn’t hide Veldora from being seen by Misery, but whatever.

Out in front of Clayman’s base, Shuna, Hakurou and Souei walk with caution. But they still fall into a trap laid by Adalman the White King. He’s an undead sorcerer with an undead army. This is where all the action happens. Even facing the surprise, our heroes are confident they’ll obliterate the enemy.

Adalman controls the area so they must defeat him to move freely. While Hakurou fights a Death Knight, Souei deals with a Death Dragon. Leaving Shuna to 1v1 Adalman. This is where all the action happens. Shuna proves she’s improved to a formidable power level.

Both Adalman and Shuna throw some impressive spells out. Adalman doesn’t wish Shuna harm but feels obliged by the binding spell placed on him to do Clayman’s bidding. In the end, Shuna blows Adalman away with Holy Magic and Overdrive, overwriting his most powerful spell - Disintegration. The undead army is defeated!

Souei, Shuna and Hakurou muse that they have become too arrogant with their new power. The challenge they had with this trap and battle proved that Rimuru was right to be hesitant about their mission.

Before they move on to the castle, Adalman and the undead bow their heads to Shuna, grateful that she freed them. They ask to worship whatever god she follows. Shuna explains they follow Rimuru, they don’t worship him. Adalman still requests they be introduced and allowed to worship. Neat, new monster friends for Tempest! Then Adalman offers to guide them to the castle. What a nice guy, now.

Back at the Demon Lords’ banquet, everyone starts entering the room. Rimuru (and we) see many characters for the first time, the ones I mentioned earlier.

Rimuru and Leon talk for the first time. Rimuru says he wants to hit him for Shizu’s sake, but Leon refuses. Instead, inviting Rimuru to come to Leon’s castle after Walpurgis to discuss.

Clayman enters with Milim, still under his control. He smacks her on the head in front of everyone. Everyone’s surprised by this disrespect, and Rimuru vows to himself that Clayman will suffer for that.

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