The anime adaptation of “In the Land of Leadale”, the reincarnation in another world “Elf” fantasy of the “Narou Kei”, has been decided!

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The anime adaptation of "In the Land of Leadale", the elf fantasy from "Shoukatsuka ni Narou" has been decided. The comments from the original author "Ceez" and illustrations from the illustrator "Tenmaso" and manga artist "Tsukimi Dashio" have been revealed.

"In the Land of Leadale" is a light novel from "Shouketsuka ni Narou" that is being published by Famitsu Bunko and the author is "Ceez" while the illustrator is "Tenmaso".

The young girl, "Kagami Keina", who lost her life due to the failure of the life-supporting system, reincarnated as the high elf "Kena" in the 200 years after "Leadale", the VRMMORPG that she played. This light novel is an elf fantasy where she travel in the new world.

Information such as the broadcast period and staff information are yet to be announced, so do look forward to future announcements.

Author: Ceez
Hello, Good afternoon, Good morning.
I'm the original author, Ceez.
Due to the support from the readers the light novel and manga of "In the Land of Leadale" are doing great, and the anime adaptation has been decided.
As the original author, I'm quite surprised by this.
When I first received the news, my mind is filled with "Huh?", "For real?", and "What?"
To be honest, I believe there are other stories that deserved to have an anime adaptation as well.
I am quite surprise that my story stood out the most among those stories.
I believe this is all because of the beautiful illustration from Tenmaso-sama.
 As well as the fantastic manga drawn by Tsukimi Dashio-sama.
I would like to thank the staff that will be involved in the production, the editor that had taken good care of me, as well as the readers. 
This could only be achieved with the continuous support from you all.

(C) Ceez 2019

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