The character design of Netflix anime “Yasuke”, produced by MAPPA, has been announced! The “African Samurai” that actually served Oda Nobunaga was shown

Anime November 06, 14:10 0
The character design of the fantasy historical work "Yasuke", handled by the production studio MAPPA (known for "Jujutsu Kaisen" and "Taiso Samurai") has been revealed. It will be released worldwide in spring 2021 as part of Netflix original anime series.

"Yasuke" is a fantasy historical work that depicts the misfortune fate of Yasuke, the first "African Samurai" that actually served the legendary Oda Nobunaga. LeSean Thomas will be in charge of the production, director, and overall coordination while MAPP will handled the animation production.

The setting takes place during the rivalry of warlord in the Sengoku period, which involved machines and magic.

Yasuke is a Ronin that had lived in retirement but he took up his sword once again to transport a mysterious child who is targeted by an evil force...

"Yasuke" will be released exclusively in spring 2021 on Netflix.
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