The compilation movie of the anime “Kakushigoto” has been announced! Comments from Kamiya Hiroshi is “I looking forward to it personally as well”

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The "compilation movie" of the TV anime "Kakushigoto" has been announced. It was revealed as a surprise on "Special Event ~Konna Event Yatte Hime ni Baretara Dousuru!~ (What would you do if it was exposes to Hime by doing having this event!)" on December 12, Westa Kawagoe, Saitama. The comments from Kamiya Hiroshi (voice of Gotou Kakushi) have been revealed.

"Special Event ~Konna Event Yatte Hime ni Baretara Dousuru!~" featured a lineup of the extravagant cast, including Kamiya, Takahashi Rie (voice of Gotou Hime), Hanae Natsuki (voice of Tomaruin Satsuki), Yashiro Taku (voice of Shiji Aogu), Yasuno Kiyono (voice of Sumita Rasuna), Sakura Ayana (voice of Kakei Ami), Murase Ayumu (voice of Keshi Kakeru), Namikawa Daisuke (voice of Mario), Ozawa Ari (voice of Kobu Silvia), Hondo Kaede (voice of Toumi Hina), and Waki Azumi (voice of Kitsuchi Riko). Along with the MC Washizaki Takeshi, the event was liven up with the various session, including a talk session, variety project, and recital, have been conducted.

The event started with "The memorable episode regarding this work" among the male cast. Kamiya commented, "I had done the narration for the commercial when the original manga was released, but I haven't thought that it will get an anime adaptation at that time. During the anime audition, director Murano said, 'It's alright for Kamiya-san'. As I have the thought that a work belongs to the director, I have accepted the offer gracefully as the director had leave the role to me."

Murase commented, "At first I planned to audition for another character as there were various interesting characters, but my managers ask me to take the role of Kakeru as he is the perfects role for me. As Kakeru is a character that got ignored by other characters even when he was joking, so it invites a suspicious, 'Is this how my manager thought of me?' (haha)" while trying to invite laughter.

Next was "Your favorite male character" discussion among the female cast. Yasuno said, "It's Gotou Kakushi-sensei. Despite he has a lot of bad habits, I can understand his feeling of trying his best in front of Hime-chan. I also like how he has low self-esteem", Takahashi said, "It's Ishikawa Somethingemon. I was extremely happy to be called "Older sister" by Uchiyama Kouki-san (haha), and somehow Sakura answered "None."

Regarding her reply, Sakura explained, "There is too many flaws (of the character) that caused me to not have any favorite character. There isn't even a single healthy character..." while having a wry smile.

After that was the introduction corner with a video regarding the "memorable scene" that was chosen by the performers beforehand. Ozawa has chosen the "Ten Commandments of Manga Artist" from episode 7, and because of this, the other cast has started to voice out the "Ten Commandments of Voice Actor".

Due to Hanae's "Please don't say whatever the voice fits the characters or not!", and others voicing out the demand of the fans, the stage was surrounded with laughter.

In the "~Girgiri Roulette Talk~! Kakushigoto ha Nandesuka? (Just Barely Roulette Talk! What is your secret?)", the name of the cast appeared on the roulette on screen, and the selected cast's member must revealed his/her "kakushigoto". The one who revealed the most intimate episode was awarded with a food voucher, so the selected cast has no choice but to expose his/ her secret.

*"Kakushigoto" can mean secret, writing job, etc. as it is a play or word.

During that section, the impactful episode revealed by Yashiro, which is "I hide my shame and asked for Namikawa-san signature in the dressing room", along with the cooperative (?) with Namikawa, he was given the food voucher.

It was then followed by the recital "Tonikaku Kawagoe", written by Aoshima Takashi, who handled the series composition and script. The event started with the happy Ami as she obtained the event ticket for her favorite anime, and the conversations about the "usual event" of anime event has make the audience burst into laughter.

Also, the performance by Hime and others "Megurogawa Tantei Jimusho (Meguro Kawa's Detective Agency)" in the school festival, is filled with the comfortable (?) interaction, making it an alluring performance.

For the finale, there was a live performance by Ohtsuki Kenji and Megurogawa Tantei Jimusho. First is the 4 members of Megurogawa Tantei Jimusho performing the event special version of the ending theme "Kimi wa Tennenshoku ~Megurogawa Tantei Jimusho ver.~". They stand in a row and performed it happily.

After this, together with Ohtsuki Kenji in a suit, all five sang together "Ai ga Yue Yue", which caused the venue to be surrounded by claps naturally.

For the night session, the original author Kumeda Kouji made an appearance. It was here where the compilation movie was announced and the curtain closed with the blessing's claps from the audience.

The news for the "Kakushigoto Compilation Movie" will be delivered once it has been announced. Also, the Blu-ray & DVD, which contains the night session of this special event, will be released on March 26, 2021.

Kamiya Hiroshi, voice of Gotou Kakushi

Q. Please tell us your thought after hearing the confirmation of the compilation movie.

My first thought was "huh...?" The original plan was to have the TV series end together with the original manga but due to the one-month delay of the original manga, some scenes were not delivered in the TV anime series. So, once I heard that the compilation movie was confirmed, I feel like this is worth doing it.

Kumeda-sensei mention that only the positive things from Hime's point of view were used, and the comedy parts of this original comedy manga are missing, which make him felt as if his identity is missing (haha)

But unlike the TV anime, this compilation movie is a new trial that views things from Hime's point of view while remaining loyal to the original manga of "Kakushigoto", so please look forward to it.

Q. Please gives a message to the fan

The fans might think that the last part of the original manga was only complete in their mind but since director Murano and the staff of the TV series will be creating the movie, it makes me look forward to it. 

Also, this will be an easy to recommend work for the newcomer of "Kakushigoto" as well.

In this era where there is various works and content that can be enjoyed in 10 minutes on YouTube, it would be quite difficult to recommend a full TV series to others. However, if it could be seen in a single movie, I believe it would be easy to recommend "Kakushigoto" to others, and it would make me happy if they started watching the TV series as well as reading the original manga by Kumeda-sense after gotten interested in the compilation movie.

Nevertheless, as I am looking forward to it, I will put all my efforts during the recording sessions.

(C)Kumeda Kouji, Kodansha/Kakushigoto Production Committee
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